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  1. Bi pod

    Any one recommend a bi pod that's not to expensive please
  2. Which Lowa Boots

    They look to be a bit taller?
  3. Which Lowa Boots

    Like I said, fancy a change to lowa just wondering which were the best mate combat or mountain gtx?
  4. Which Lowa Boots

  5. Which Lowa Boots

    Just wondering which lowa boots to get chaps ,I've had mendle fir past 5seasons fancy a change (plus there £100 cheaper):-)
  6. Gun Cabinet

    Whitehaven Cumbria mate
  7. Gun Cabinet

    Buffalo river 5gun cabinet £50 collection only
  8. 243?

    Can't go wrong with. 243
  9. .17 Remington Rifle

    no worries
  10. .17 Remington Rifle

    How can you compare the .22 rimfire with .17 remington centrefire ?
  11. .17 Remington Rifle

    mainly the reasons that you've given ,it's an alternative to my .243 which I use for everything ,i don't like .17 hmr as they are NOT a foxing cal in my eye, I've had a go with .17 rem very impressed on long range bunnies and crows
  12. New Pup.

    Quality mate
  13. I'm thinking of buying a .17 rem any thoughts?
  14. Wildfowling And Rough Shooting Dog

    My choice is a cocker mate, I use mine for rough shooting, ducks, pigeons, picking up , , beating etc cracking wee dog with a bit of character.