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  1. Silened 12g

    I used to own a single barrel investarm 12g hushpower I used the sub sonic ammo which I could only source in 7.5 it was amazingly quiet I would describe like the sound of a spring air rifle but there's a But it was as weak as a fart I would have been better off throwing a handful of stones at what I was shooting. And it looked like a drain pipe in my opinion a total waste of time and energy but others may have had different experiences. I think I gave it away in the end.
  2. REscue

    What a great ending he looks a bit sorry for himself but well done lads for not giving up on him there special Dogs and give everything glad you repaid him.
  3. Richmond Sausages.

    I've had a hatred for these sausages for many a year pure filth people just don't read the ingredients unlike Kanny of course 😉
  4. Only one cure

    When I was living on the Isle of Dogs my Nan used to take a washing up bowl full of Jellied Eels down the pub on a Saturday night my brother was always getting them out of the Thames, there must be a few on here who remembers Tubby Issacs Aldgate petticoat lane area back in the day he was the King of jellied eels bless him. Nice looking bit of Grub GL I took a mate to the Pie and Mash in woolwich once and ordered mine he took one look at the liquor nearly threw up and asked for gravy I was horrified.
  5. Makeing the best of it while I can

    Excellent Video well done to the dogs they didn't put a foot wrong I liked the bolter that fled towards the conifers a sqeeking in the distance lol.
  6. Petition To Leave The Eu Immediately

    It seems that democracy is dying in this country I don't trust May one bit, come the next election how could you vote for her although I don't think she will be leader by then, but the alternative don't bear thinking about Corbyn and his army of lily livered snowflakes. That will be the last online petition I ever sign a waste of valuable time.
  7. Flint and damp....

    Good to see you back on it U after the shitty flu you had. 👍
  8. Need new lamping partners

    I actually like reading all the old bollocks and banter on here, but then on the other hand I've never needed any one to do what I do I always go out on my own and love it you can't beat a good chat with yourself when your having a mooch about 😜If you didn't have the characters on here it would be boring.
  9. Sadiq khan's S.hole London

    I was brought up on the Isle of Dogs I lived near the George pub then many years in Alpha Grove and I had flats in Midship and Topmast point in the 70s and 80s, it was mostly port of London authority, then the LDDC crept in and it changed forever, shithole doesn't come close my Grandad wouldn't be turning in his grave he would be spinning he was a Docker.
  10. Buzzed by an Apache !

    RAF Benson nearby which is a heli base.
  11. Bessy.

    Secretions lol everybody loves a secretion get well soon U the Hunting Life needs you. 👍

    Magic lol... it's quite simple really easier to show rather than explain I'm on an iPad so I go to the said article in the Scotsman go to the search bar highlight it by pressing, copy it and then return here to the Hunting Life and then reply to the message and tap screen paste option comes up paste into the reply boom job done the link appears. 😃

    https://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/scotland-s-rabbit-population-decimated-by-virulent-virus-1-4035503 👍
  14. Foxes with HMR

    Good going Deker a problem dealt with extremely efficiently the school won't have to much to worry about concerning children's health after that result, I would have imagined that lot were leaving a lot of presents all over the place. .17 a no nonsense calibre at those distances 👍
  15. Slamming the lamb

    Nice one GL end the year in style Happy New Year to you and yours looking forward to your mouthwatering posts next year.