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  1. A message from Gnasher.

    It sounds like he's been banged up he will do it standing on his head the East End was always full of characters when I was living there one of my mates went to court I went round his house his wife said he got 18 months and then he popped out of a cupboard laughing his head off it got adjourned , next time he went up he got 3 years lol he didn't give a monkeys had a choice of a soft prison chose to do it all in Wandsworth. I am more upset at Gingerbeard disappearing laundry baskets and all that best post ever that was.
  2. anybody work on the railways

    I don't know where you live but railway people travel long distances to go where the work is there has been masses of OHL work on the cross rail project in the Shenfield area, also age is another factor if your young the apprenticeship scheme is a good starting point or some of the youngsters use what is known as the graduation scheme all the information will be on the Network Rail website and there are multitudes of contract companies out there as well. if you get a start on the overheads they train you up as you go along I used to operate and control Road Railers for them it's a tough old world they work in but a good living. Good luck https://www.networkrail.co.uk/
  3. Snap crackle and pop

    It's the same here I will not eat takeaways or cafe food a decent trusted Pie & Mash and one fish and chip shop that is my sons friends family business is about it, my wife is a fantastic cook and I know where the foods come from, we not long ago bought a lamb from my sons friends farm you can't beat proper food.
  4. Snap crackle and pop

    It's like an encyclopaedia britannica of grub lol on another forum my signature is your only as good as your last meal GL you must be good all the time you eat like a king.
  5. Snap crackle and pop

    I was surprised with the lack of creativity with a poxy bowl of rice crispies and then BOOM there it was full English I'm surprised you ain't got the BBQ sparked up it as only -1 when I left for work this morning lol enjoy.
  6. anybody work on the railways

    I've done 18 years which is nothing in Railway terms my colleague has done 45 years still going strong he's retiring in 18 months they say if you stay for five years your here for life, I love the job it's a way of life good banter out in the fresh air and countryside the public don't get access to, it's changed massively in my time we only used to wear hi-vis vests when I started now head to toe in orange and if I started going on about the paperwork just to access the track I would be here all day.
  7. anybody work on the railways

    Will PM you.
  8. Clothes

    This man has a lot to answer for, for men of my age. 😬
  9. Clothes

    My favourite jacket I've had the best part of ten years and still looks good is my Barbour endurance it's not the wax type I've never been cold or wet in it. I also own a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket in antique gold colour because I thought Charly Boorman looked cool in it in long way down I wear it occasionally when I go out on my Motorcycle but if I was honest I don't really like it. Boots I have a pair of Barbours and a pair of Ben Sherman's but my favourites are a pair of wranglers I bought years ago. The thought of spending £180 on a pair of Levi's would break my heart , I still have an original Levi jacket it must be over 30 years old but I was slimmer then so it just sits in the wardrobe, practicality is my thing not fashion.
  10. Nighttime que

    Cheers Arry it was fantastic other customers faces when we rocked up with a 40 pound tuna in our hands was a picture a great experience and a meal to remember.
  11. Nighttime que

    GL man that looks good what a spread I've been away in Mexico we went Deep sea fishing for yellow fin tuna in the sea of Cortez we caught 26 when we got back in harbour we walked in a restaurant and asked can you cook it up and they obliged you would have loved it.
  12. Job reference

    Onwards and upwards mate best of luck for your new job, pink uniform is more than grounds enough for leaving FFS 😬
  13. Apple Scratter

    Nice one Mole trapper good effort how was the new pulper 100 gallon that's a lot of Cider. I have been on holiday the last couple of weeks fishing in Mexico and the sites totally revamped its seems to have broken a few hearts on the general forum lol.
  14. Apple Scratter

    Thanks I will look him up I was looking at a Dabinett and a Herefordshire Redstreak for Cider purposes only thanks again on the sizing info.
  15. Apple Scratter

    Makes my operation look small fry you've got some graft to come there but upgrading your equipment will make it much easier. I done exactly the same Sunday night chimnea BBQ Cider in the garden, are the trees expensive I might sacrifice some of the large bushes in my garden and replace with a couple of good trees.