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  1. Energy drinks

    Energy drinkers on my road hav'nt got the energy to dump the empty bottles in the bin they just drop them on the ground.
  2. hunting photos

    Smashing pics looks like bygone days .
  3. Due to a member of our syndicate unable to attend on FRIDAY the 22nd and WEDNESDAY the 27th of DECEMBER he has asked me to try and fill his position .So if you are reasonably fit and fully insured you can join in with the syndicate for a bag of 10 to 25 @ £40 per day . Located in the Scottish borders( advertised else where. ) PM. me . Regards Dave.
  4. 300,000 houses a year?

    A lot of houses are going up around my part of the world .sites everywhere 3/4/5 bedrooms( with a few affordable houses on the planning application to ease the way for the planning permission) don't know who's buying the larger houses as they are not in the affordably bracket for the average wage in this part of GB. I think money lenders, land owners landlords and builders will get the most out of this.Just to add that we have a lot of poor housing around here should be knocked down and replaced before green field sites are used . So my question is do we have a housing shortage nation wide or (A) are we prepping areas for an increase in population . (B) or is it simply to make money for the money lenders land owners etc.
  5. God Save the Queen.

    agree but why do we have a system that allows this to happen year on year when everyone knows it's abused and should be changed my own daft opinion is that the wealthy have more influence in the system .than joe or Jane blogs the tax payers. It will never change cos fairness ain't going to be forthcoming no matter what political party is in government . Old saying is it's easier to get a penny of a hundred people than a pound of one person.
  6. Roof Mounted Lamp On Pickup

    most supply a template . I stretched a steering rack boot over the handle in the cab and this tidies up the look ..
  7. Trump Under Fire

    not saying he would just pointing out they came over as no angels and sacrificed a lot of men to save face and keep power.
  8. Trump Under Fire

  9. Show Us Ya Gundogs

  10. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    good bunch The cocker looks in good nick I was going to get a cocker but bottled it and got another mental springer will post pic when she sits long enough for me to take one.
  11. Sloe Berries

    just made some sloe and apple jam nice and tangy