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  1. hily

    New MOT rules !!

    I have said this before as many dodgy people presenting motors for MOT's as dodgy testers.
  2. hily

    New MOT rules !!

    Had a testing station for many years could only ADVISE on defects. I failed a motor on tyres. Just before the customer came to collect his car we had a visit from the inspectorate he looked thru my paperwork and had me retest the failed motor and came up with the same results .So he waited for the owner to turn up so he could stop him driving his car away He very nearly got a fat lip of the owner when he tried to stop him .Can see this getting out of hand never criticise somebodies car , driving or dog.
  3. hily

    Manual tyre remover

    used manual changer for years when an apprentice the boss was tight and did not buy an air powered one until he had to. Don't know what this one your after looks like but I do know you will have to have a concrete area to bolt it down for tyre fitting and bead breaking.
  4. hily

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    IF you live in coldstream will you by your booze in cornhill or has this scots government found away to trade across the border maybe they should give some tips to the brexit folk on sorting out Irelands borders
  5. hily

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    will they have to raise the benefits alkies get ?
  6. hily

    Overseas aid ?

    Would say most of its BRIBERY and the rest is for jobs for the boys who end up on the comities that spend the money.
  7. hily

    Cheating b*****d

    don't follow any sport but just the same phrases pop up all the time when someone is challenged.I have done nothing wrong and broke no rules MP come top of my list. Can anyone add to the phrase list or excuses often aired.
  8. hily


    Hi Tim down Morpeth way about 50miles from you.
  9. hily



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    Ark maybe could be used for hens or bird of prey. free


  10. hily


    View Advert BIRD ARK Ark maybe could be used for hens or bird of prey. free Advertiser hily Date 19/02/18 Price Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  11. hily

    Paleolithic Dogs

    VETS BILL and signs that the bloke topped him self.
  12. Well out on Friday with the ferrets what along day ! .Had to check out three new plantations that I cleared back in NOV. Owner thinks rabbits are still getting past the netting .So had a look but no signs of damage but he's the boss so spent best part of the day netting up for nowt .Lost me little lakey cross last year she was good company when out and about if she marked a set it was occupied if not we moved on saved a lot of time . Anyway did a couple of hedges ended up with 4 .plus two rats with the shovel would have been more if pip had been still with me. Cant get another terrier yet as just taken on a new gundog pup to try and train .But maybe in the future .
  13. hily

    ALDI recall...

    the amount of folk drinking out of bottles and cans some must have supped some rats pee only difference is they can't see it unlike half a rat .
  14. Kept Newzealand whites for pets as a younging but they kept escaping was ok thou my dad would let me use my pocket money to by more .It was years later that my mam told me about my dad taken the rabbits to the butchers for beer money.
  15. hily

    Energy drinks

    Energy drinkers on my road hav'nt got the energy to dump the empty bottles in the bin they just drop them on the ground.