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  1. God Save the Queen.

  2. God Save the Queen.

    agree but why do we have a system that allows this to happen year on year when everyone knows it's abused and should be changed my own daft opinion is that the wealthy have more influence in the system .than joe or Jane blogs the tax payers. It will never change cos fairness ain't going to be forthcoming no matter what political party is in government . Old saying is it's easier to get a penny of a hundred people than a pound of one person.
  3. Roof Mounted Lamp On Pickup

    most supply a template . I stretched a steering rack boot over the handle in the cab and this tidies up the look ..
  4. Trump Under Fire

    not saying he would just pointing out they came over as no angels and sacrificed a lot of men to save face and keep power.
  5. Trump Under Fire

  6. Show Us Ya Gundogs

  7. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    good bunch The cocker looks in good nick I was going to get a cocker but bottled it and got another mental springer will post pic when she sits long enough for me to take one.
  8. Sloe Berries

    just made some sloe and apple jam nice and tangy
  9. Left To Rot In The Feild

    Pity you can't get together with each other over a pint to explain your concerns. seems it's gone to far.
  10. Left To Rot In The Feild

    Can't comment on the situation in Ireland. On one of my permissions of over is 3000 acres in Scotland it was teaming with rabbits. We had to CONTROL them as the FARMER wanted this done as part of our contract with him over the shooting rights for the game shoot. . So every weekend we flushed them with spaniels and shot with 12bores used 22lrs and ferreted them this only kept the numbers down never wiped them out .Two very hard winters and then mixie and we suspect the other virus (don't know the name) that kills them as we picked up a few bodies that had blood around the nose and mouth left the area with a few rabbits in one wooded area these have been left alone for 4 years now just start to see them about then mixie hits them again result is a very happy FARMER with little or no crop damage and not so happy gun and dog men cos now no summer work for the spaniels. .The other permission approx. 400 acres has only been ferreted one year overrun with bunnies next couple of years nowt then populated again.So in my case I can't blame lads with guns it's a combination of things that have hit the rabbits in my area I think others who take rabbits in the Scottish borders can confirm this .So think before you jump on the bandwagon to slag of fellow hunters there just might be other things going on that effects the rabbits in your area . Question if you had to hit the rabbits hard to keep your permission would you??.
  11. Left To Rot In The Feild

    Not making excuses could just be dumped as indicated or gone off with the warm weather before cleaned and taken home or stink pile set up for a fox or just seen as vermin to get rid of maybe damage to forestry or crops contractor at work not everyone kills for meat just saying not everything is as it seems.
  12. Dog Adverts Ultimate Piss Take

    who's the daft berger the one who's selling or the buyer
  13. Geldof!

    who ??
  14. Advice Wanted

    DAREN I will probably get in touch with Northumbria just wanted to know if I had any pitfalls to avoid.