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  1. wheaten greyhound

    Bite like one 😁.
  2. wheaten greyhound

    Bbull/grey x Wheaton/grey was good on bigger stuff but a liability generally, dog killer and wouldn't trust him with the family.
  3. Dog struggling to pee or poo any ideas?

    I'd check for injuries or tender areas over back ans abdo if nothing then Fluids and a light meal few hours before work then more fluids. Then light meal and more fluids after work. If working for long period give fluids during work. Check colour of piss after working if red/brown consider rhabdo. Check for any tender areas after work and really carefully 1st thing the next day., especially over kidneys and bladder plus lower back. Ps if anything found go to vet for diagnosis, if still not peeing for long periods go to vet for ultrasound of bladder and kidneys. Regards sandy.
  4. Jeff Burrell - disgusting (allegedly)

    Was a peddler when I lived that way, in Rushden, 30 years ago who struggled to walk, let alone work a dog, and sounds to have got worse rather than better since. Basically breeds/sells rough coated bearded collie X types. Asked about using one of mine dogs as a stud at the time but for reasons above denied.
  5. Dodgy guts?

    Yes I would I've never been afraid of debunking old wives tales and never been afraid to learn something new, you need to learn that being wrong isn't something to be frightened of, rather it’s an opportunity. So it isn't about whether it kibble or raw meat but it is a complex system based on particle size and contents, in general larger particles are kept in the stomach longer as they take longer to break down, this is especially so in unprocessed food like meat, fat and vegetables. Processing tend to lead to smaller partials and easier breakdown but not always so. Fat is generally the slowest to digest with protein next then carbs. In brief Nuclide-labeled foods have also permitted detailed analyses of gastric emptying in animals prepared with chronic duodenal fistulas. Early results indicate that the stomach retains foods until these are fragmented into particles smaller than 0.5 mm in diameter, and that this sieving is achieved in the antral region of the stomach. The speed of fragmentation of foods into particles of this size as well as the speed of emptying appear to be closely regulated by chemoceptive mechanisms in the small intestine, which can inhibit these processes. Thus, chemical composition of the meal regulates gastric emptying as well as the physical nature of the food, which determines how easily it can be fragmented by the stomach. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7001918 Summary of the Control of Stomach Emptying Emptying of the stomach is controlled only to a mod-erate degree by stomach factors such as the degree of filling in the stomach and the excitatory effect of gastrin on stomach peristalsis. Probably the more important control of stomach emptying resides in inhibitory feedback signals from the duodenum, including both enterogastric inhibitory nervous feed-back reflexes and hormonal feedback by CCK. These feedback inhibitory mechanisms work together to slow the rate of emptying when (1) too much chyme is already in the small intestine or (2) the chyme is excessively acidic, contains too much unprocessed protein or fat, is hypotonic or hypertonic, or is irritat-ing. In this way, the rate of stomach emptying is limited to that amount of chyme that the small intestine can process. (http://www.brainkart.com/article/Stomach-Emptying-and-Regulation-of-Stomach-Emptying_19823/)
  6. Dodgy guts?

    LOL nothing about being medical lol just don't believe random shite, as to argue... seems you want to argue if you can'y win the conversation eh socks, just man up and admit your wrong .
  7. Christmas before Christianity

    Was god born on earth then??????? feck me I didn't know that always thought he didn't come from round here???? what about angels ?? the devil?? were they local???
  8. Extinct animals

    Pelican on the river Taw near Braunton Burrows, it had been in Cornwall for a while before. The Ibis are in various places in the west, that one was on Fremington Pill, the Spoon bills again around the south west in the winter, those are on Isley Marsh. http://www.northdevongazette.co.uk/news/pictures-rare-pelican-photographed-at-braunton-marshes-1-4721205 https://www.bbrc.org.uk/514 http://www.rarebirdalert.co.uk/RealData/Spoonbills_breed_in_Norfolk.asp
  9. Dodgy guts?

    Even the raw lot would disagree with you on that..... https://therawfeedingcommunity.com/2015/01/08/digest-this-kibble-may-actually-digest-faster-than-raw/ and if you knew all about the digestive system we wouldn't be having this conversation
  10. Christmas before Christianity

    Well did your alien invent space time????
  11. Christmas before Christianity

    Its the monkeys that are in control, they are god!! http://www.luminarium.org/mythology/monkeygods.htm
  12. Extinct animals

    Its all swings and roundabouts, Collard doves spread from India and across Europe in the 30's and were unknown in the UK prior to the 50's now most think they were always here. Little Egrets are now common, cattle egrets, glossy Ibis and Cranes getting there and Bustards along with Spoonbills not far behind, seeing a Buzzard would have been a real red letter day as a kid and now hardly noted. Mind the pelican was a bit of a turn up.
  13. Dodgy guts?

    Once again can you give a little background on what you mean??? Are you suggesting that a dog is unable to digest more than one type of food at a time?? That's seems odd dogs tend to have a very robust system of digestion that is designed to tackle a great variety of foodstuffs, arguably better than their ancestors the wolves, especially in regard to carbohydrates. The stomach and intestines secrete enzymes etc to meet the requirements of the meal eaten, fatty meat or fatty meal will slow overall digestion as fat is slow to digest, carbs will speed up the overall process and a mixture will be somewhere between the two..
  14. Dodgy guts?

    It doesn't Lee . Toddington, some good memories of the fields between Houghton and Toddington back in the 60's and 70's and a few beers in the Angel, Sow and Pigs etc.
  15. Dodgy guts?

    Where did I say that?? I said "Basically the majority of digestion takes place in the intestines rather than the stomach, the stomach is more of a mixing pot where enzymes are added and contents broken down into digestible sized particulates in readiness for digestion in the intestines. In normal circumstances digestible carbs tend to be first through this process, followed by protein and then fats. As most completes are mostly carbs they tend to digest quickly unless there is a problem."