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  1. Trying to capture the essence.

    Thanks dezzy, see above re price etc. It won't let me upload original as I've used up quota. Rob may be willing to upload it.
  2. Trying to capture the essence.

    Thanks Lukey, I don't really get time for commissions just do the odd pic for fun. Plus sometimes they don't turn out.
  3. Being the off season had a couple of hours free and Rob284 kindly supplied a pic so thought a change from sight hounds might be in order.
  4. Bone men

    Few Greyhound Vets Mike Guilliard - Nantwich http://www.mikeguilliard.co.uk/ mobile 07784202024 office 07784202026 5 Springfield Drive Crewe Cheshire CW2 6RA Richard Torr - Leicester http://www.caninesports.co.uk/ Telephone: 01509 507080 Fax: 01509 507081 caninesports Ltd 150 Hallamford Road Shepshed Leicestershire LE12 9GY Paul Evans - Oldham, Manchester Tel: 0161 6285709 Address: 25 Highlands Rd Royton, Oldham, Lancs, OL2 5HR Daniel Doherty - Middlesex Telephone : 01895 271444 (24 Hours) 258 Cowley Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex. UB8 2NJ
  5. Who is pie eater.

    You keep your Robert to yourself !
  6. Beddy greyhound pups

    Have you got a stutter on BN???
  7. Who is pie eater.

    Thank you kind sirs
  8. Oswald the Lurcher

    Excellent write up! RIP the hound.
  9. Who is pie eater.

    Went gay!!! It's been gay all along, reckon half just want to get a room and play macho together...
  10. Who is pie eater.

    A good artist, captures the essence that tells the story of the image be it painting or photo, as they say a picture paints a thousand words. ps I've managed to get the essence a couple of times but i need more practice yet.
  11. Beddy x

    Beddy/whippet X grey, proper flying machine, had her faults but put some decent game away, 23"
  12. Who is pie eater.

    Thanks all I don't sell pics, just occasionally do one if i get time and inclination, but only get time now and again so it can be a long wait, that last one was done at a time when i was doing a few and like most things you get better the more you do, at present I would struggle to recreate it without a few weeks practice.
  13. Who is pie eater.

    This ones a beans and sausages one!🤑
  14. Who is pie eater.

    Virtual! Virtual!! Am I called Jack? Beans means Heinz, send to Mr S Mere, Out the back, The Burrows, Sandymere Lane, Devon.