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  1. Dodgy guts?

    Could you elaborate on that statement? I was under the impression that carbs, especially processed ones break down more quickly than say fat or protein.
  2. Dodgy guts?

    Dogs can suffer with stress related diarrhea, if there's no mucus or bloody likely not a big issue, just the way some are, try to minimize stress, did a bit on Colitis back along which may have a couple of ideas.
  3. why get involved??

    What happens in the rest of the world effects us both directly and indirectly, instability leads to mass migrations/refugees, reduction in global economy, normalization of fundamentalism, criminality, and the lessening of the value of human life. All these will have a long term effect on us. In short it will cost me money and possibly a reduction in social justice at home. Why get involved, or at least care, because to care is a natural human emotion and because I am British, to me being British means having a strong social and moral conscience. Because when I see children suffering, as a parent especially, I have empathy for those children and that empathy is not relevant to distance. I activity promote better social justice in this country but I certainly don't feel the need to limit my empathy to boundries. In short I do not judge the suffering of a child based on its proximity to my sofa.
  4. Not been on in a long time,

    Thought you was dead. Little ones looking well.
  5. Couple days on the moors

    Good for age the owner and dog!
  6. Couple days on the moors

    Nice pic, three rough ones
  7. Birds "please Add Yours"

    Winter visitors to the Southwest, the Ibis was once a common resident known as the Black Curlew. the Spoon bills, an adult and a youngster of the year are part of a group of up too 12 that winter near me, there are a couple of places with similar populations that will hopefully breed here in the next few years.
  8. LYNX OR NOT??

    Ah the Blackdown beast "On solitary mountains and among old ruins he lives, ‘grown monstrous with much solitude,’ and is of the race of the nightmare.” "He has many shapes--is now a horse, now an ass, now a bull, now a goat, now an eagle. Like all spirits, he is only half in the world of form".
  9. NHS Turns To India For Nurses

    It's the current conservative government has just stopped Bursaries for nurse and are basically privatizing the NHS, which is in a large part why nurses are leaving, along with the no pay rises, staff shortage etc etc. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/nhs-nurse-bursaries-scrapping-nurse-busaries-will-plunge-the-nhs-into-chaos-and-compromise-care-a7159576.html http://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/nhs-nurses-leaving-more-joining-up-51-per-cent-four-years-midwives-jeremy-hunt-a7820141.html
  10. What am I doing wrong

    Are when we were young
  11. New layout

    Search option does't seem to work, tried to flick to last page doesn't seem to work either.
  12. Big Cat Sighting

    What you class as shouting from the back of the room are actually valid questions and observations, just a shame you are unable to answer any with equally valid answers or evidence. You continually refer to evidence etc so why is none of this in the public domain, is one to surmise that every single big cat spotter is some kind of reclusive, conspiracy theorist who refuses to make public their findings? If i were to find evidence of an alien species such as a big cat I would be straight on to getting it validated and published much as i would the discovery of a rare bird, protection comes with knowledge. Perhaps big cats only show themselves to certain people, this doesn't include, lampers, day walkers, hunts, bird watchers, wildlife film makers etc. I've spent a large large proportion of my 50+ years in the countryside, day and night throughout a large proportion of the UK, hunting, bird-watching, fishing and generally just being out and about. In each place i quickly found the local wildlife either by tracks, scats or seeing, I can find deer, otters, mink, polecats, the latter at the time were thought extinct in the county, yet I've never found a single trace of a big cat, neither has anyone else it would seem or there would be evidence beyond what someone saw driving along a motorway in a split second. You are saying there is a breeding population of big cats in the UK yet none have ever been recorded???????Not even indirectly via droppings, hair, camera trap???
  13. Big Cat Sighting

    http://notquitescilly2.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/why-stringing-is-to-be-avoided.html seems this is relevant to cat spotting as well as birds lol.
  14. Big Cat Sighting

    Found nothing, I'd say read the writing on the wall....... maybe that's because there is nothing to find????? Personally as a naturalist hunter and keen spotter of the unusual I would love for there to be big cats in the UK, couple of examples of some spots of the unusual below, but one needs to be realistic. if you have evidence post it and i will be convinced, if not then expect to be gently baited as i find the cry of wolf to be reason to ridicule as it muddies the waters for any real finding that would be of interest.