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  1. Rat Face.

    I'll let him know about this message Neil
  2. Anybody heard off Ideation?

    He's doing what he loves I follow him on Twitter fair play to the fella he's doing a fair job from what I've seen
  3. Gwp pup

    Nice pup that
  4. Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    You got a picture of them? Are they in a hard caseing?
  5. 410 Shotgun Wanted...........

    How much you call cheap? I got a brand new 1 from shop for £160
  6. Bradley Lowery

    Rip little man
  7. In Season

    Good luck with breeding trunk keep is updated
  8. Update On My Litter

    3rd 1 downs is a belter haha
  9. Blitz Lamp

    Lol yes you are right if your dog is right they won't mind I just think the lads are saying it is the human preference not the dogs humans not subject to change lolSorry lost the net thought it did not fecking send that is why it I send twice feck me lol Haha. Yes I agree personal preference I will keep on with the 150 for just a quick shine on smaller land and keep Witt the blitz for the big nights
  10. Blitz Lamp

    Run dogs with both blitz and tracer 150 and noticed no different in the way dogs work. End of day if ur dogs right it will go down the beam no matter what colour it is
  11. Blitz Lamp

    22amp in coat pocket for me no problems
  12. Collie/grey X Bull/grey

    No worries pal,
  13. Collie/grey X Bull/grey

    Don't think so lee I know that dog did you get it from up Manchester area?
  14. Boots & Fenn

    Beautiful pups them Fuji, I think we might be seeing a repeat mating haha