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  1. It wasn't pretty

    Out this morning with a battle plan in mind, to climb out high onto the tops and push any rabbits down into the heather beds below, I drew the short straw,so off I went up and up and up again, this was taken half way up, on my way there were rabbits running all over this lime stone scree bed, they know there safe here, after a lung busting, leg burning, trip I reached the top to be met by rabbits cascading down the fell side right into the deep heather beds below, so far so good. I slowly started to make my way down and soon had the both baskets of longnets ran out round the heather, Nell caught the first 2 before they had chance to reach the nets, another 4 followed making a quick half dozen, we moved round slightly in amongst the rocks, a few more bolts Nell catching an odd one and afew digs, nothing too deep just stoney going down, twice I dug down to find a brace tucked up tight in stop ends, these kits are really coming on now, and I was more than impressed with the lurcher today on ground she stood very little chance of catching on she ended the day with 7, we finished up on 34, it wasn't pretty but we got a result. til next time cheers, Neil b
  2. Mink diving on a small fish

    That is some talent, brilliant 👍
  3. Back at them

    Hedges are just a distant memory for us now,fortunately it's just open fell/ moorland
  4. First outing for young ferret

    You can't ask for much more than that, just a little tip, put some tape on your collar cap it stops grit/sand/ soil ect getting in and possibly stop it working
  5. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    My mistake then I thought I had read somewhere he got a white hob off you?????
  6. 2 quick nights

    Your putting some bunnies to bed mate well done
  7. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Isn't some of your bloodlines in iworkwhippets albino hob?
  8. Back at them

    Long enough with 20 rabbits basket of long nets and box of ferrets weighing you down
  9. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Some trip that vin👍
  10. Out with the youngsters

    Great to see the youngster is having success, looks well pleased with himself again. Keep it up men
  11. Back at them

    After a weekend off we were back at the rabbits, as we drove up to our destination it was making a perfect morning, a slight overnight frost, clear blue sky and just a slight breeze for a change. We had a spot in mind that we had seen rabbits bouncing about, only one problem it was steep, terrain more suitable to a mountain goat not the humble rabbit, but they were there so we were going to have a go at catching afew, our plan of attack was to get above them and push them into the warrens below us, so after a lung busting trek up hill it was time to drop down we're we had seen rabbits go ground, the first 2 setts produced 11 and an over enthusiastic lurcher, she was well and truley tangled up, I wasn't impressed to say the least! Onwards and upwards we went dropping onto occupied warrens, bolting rabbits in good numbers, with the odd dig thrown in, one place I had a Jill in and could see the ground moving, I had just turned the sod back to revile one bunny, tucked in behind him was his mate, 2 for the price of 1 we carried on like this until dinner time, bolting afew, digging afew, for the first time in 4 outings the lurcher could hear the subterranean Thunder taking place under her feet, she caught afew before they hit the nets, on a perfect day we ended on 37 only the long trek back to the van now fully loaded it took some doing until next time cheers Neil b
  12. Ferret housing during winter

    Plenty of hay/straw in there bedding box, and they will moult into there winter coat they will be fine mate
  13. Don't bother getting a dog mate just tell me where you live and il sort the rabbits out for you free of charge of course.
  14. Out with the youngsters

    The young fella looks pleased with himself, well done men
  15. How Far Will You Go

    Nope! Have ferrets will travel is my moto