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  1. neil b

    Stock breaking a lurcher pup

    You couldn’t make this up. As with training any pup it’s repetition, little and often, imo I’d look for a different pass time
  2. neil b

    Jill possibly in kit

    The gestation period Is 6wks, most don’t start showing any signs until 5 ish weeks,
  3. neil b

    Polecat bolting rabbit

    Another master piece rob you are very talented
  4. Nice is that Phil, very nice
  5. She suits me and my needs
  6. This is my half bred bitch,
  7. neil b

    Teesside ferreting

    Pm sent mate
  8. neil b


    I wouldn’t bother in the summer time mine just have a deep bed of shavings
  9. neil b

    Dogs dinners

    What’s sf50?
  10. neil b

    Failed vasectomy?

    Only time will tell
  11. neil b

    10 weeks

    He looks a cracker, I’ve a soft spot for a merle. Good look with him
  12. Is there one at Standish in August?
  13. neil b

    Lurcher pup

    There is some in countryman’s weekly this week ready soon
  14. neil b

    Breeding Line of Working Mink

    Make a nice coat for the winter!