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  1. Fao Shootllodge

    He was on about a month ago looking for some working ferrets
  2. Mink drinking

    There’s no end to your talent mate 👍
  3. Couple hours out this morning

    Good to see the youngster still as keen, he always looks chuffed to bits on your pics mate 👍
  4. Earth dog running dog

    Mine came yesterday feb/ March issue
  5. I’m thinking of setting up an aviary, just want to see what you lads have, any pics would be greatful
  6. New Hob

    If there both in tact males most probably, IMO better kept separate
  7. Hob vasectomy cost???

    £50 at my vets
  8. New ferret today

    Don’t suppose there that bothered if it’s not there permission, just makes it harder for those who have.
  9. New ferret today

    We go to a place abit further up, seen a good few lads there that shouldn’t be there, digging setts and not back filling properly, it boils my piss 👊🏻
  10. New ferret today

    I feel your pain pal 🖖
  11. New ferret today

    There can’t be many bunnies up there now, seems like every man and his dog has been going up round there recently
  12. New ferret today

    Go on socks 🎣🎣🎣🎣 👍
  13. Dog kennel render

    I had mine done in cottage lollap? Looks well painted up
  14. Back out

    Cheers Keith, those kits I had off you have seen a good few this season, I’m made up with them👍
  15. just nice to be out and about

    Good to see a team of whites, good result as well men well done 👍