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  1. Single pup

    I'm sure someone wiil be interested in the pup soon enough mate, fairplay they do look a cracking litter, judging by the photos I've seen...... come on men get it snapped up........i'm sure you wont be disappointed....... all the best, jay.
  2. Show Us Your White Dog's

    you spoiling them butt....... all the best, jay.
  3. just wondering if there's anybody planning on breeding a litter of decent Jack Russell pups for rabbiting and ratting ???? looking for a little bitch pup in the near future...... cheers, jay.
  4. good video that........quite interesting and different the way you go about it with a mink, are the mink your using good to handle and tame enough, or do their instincts kick in and they get a bit spicy from the hunting and killing ??? as I notice you don't handle them much in the video and just entice them into the carry box and then tip them out where you want them to go....... good work, keep it up...... all the best, jay
  5. Todhunter and the fox

    do you know anyone that can do it ????
  6. Todhunter and the fox

    let me see if I can get it copied onto a dvd and I will sort you a copy out, if I cant your quite welcome to this copy on vhs that I have, I bought it new so its in excellent condition and plays perfect......
  7. Todhunter and the fox

    i got it but its on vhs cassette and not many people still got the old video players.........
  8. partner van hdi - verdict?

    that's where your wrong matey......lol, I said I had a nice van......
  9. partner van hdi - verdict?

    hell of a boy........ i'm glad I aint the only one with a sorry looking bank account.......
  10. partner van hdi - verdict?

    lol.........surely you can go higher than that.........
  11. partner van hdi - verdict?

    you are right there Tomo, it is a tight fit.........
  12. partner van hdi - verdict?

    as Tomo said, I think the older ones are better, they were 1.9 or 2ltr...... I have heard people say that the newer engine 1.6hdi is not that great, and the three seats is a bit misleading as you have to be a little one to fit in the third seat otherwise its a bit of a squash if your an adult......just my opinion........ I got a nice van for sale, but it doesn't have the three seats 2010 1.7cdti astra van just gone 100,00 miles very clean and not abused and genuine sale........ cheers, jay.
  13. Gutted

    seasons are all to hell lately.......going back a few year ago, ferreting on a boxing day there were little drummer rabbits coming to the nets the size of your fist.......
  14. Rabbit population

    the rabbit numbers seem to be down from previous years in quite a few areas through out the country and apparently taking a hammering from a new disease, RVHD2, whether this is right or not I couldn't tell you, mixy was bad enough, but now this as well........ but they do have a lot to contend with and being high on the prey list doesn't help them....... be a shame to see the rabbit wiped out, so hopefully with time, they will get a strong hold over it and still soldier on....... all the best jay.
  15. Lurcher Pups

    thanks mate......ive seen the ones you keep from your posts and like them, they seem to do the job well for you.......how do they fair lamping, do you have any issues with them hunting up ?????