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  1. Gutted

    seasons are all to hell lately.......going back a few year ago, ferreting on a boxing day there were little drummer rabbits coming to the nets the size of your fist.......
  2. Rabbit population

    the rabbit numbers seem to be down from previous years in quite a few areas through out the country and apparently taking a hammering from a new disease, RVHD2, whether this is right or not I couldn't tell you, mixy was bad enough, but now this as well........ but they do have a lot to contend with and being high on the prey list doesn't help them....... be a shame to see the rabbit wiped out, so hopefully with time, they will get a strong hold over it and still soldier on....... all the best jay.
  3. Lurcher Pups

    thanks mate......ive seen the ones you keep from your posts and like them, they seem to do the job well for you.......how do they fair lamping, do you have any issues with them hunting up ?????
  4. Lurcher Pups

    anyone ???? genuine working home offered............. cheers, jay.
  5. Lurcher Pups

    just putting the feelers out.......... are there any planned litters about in the new year or any on the ground at the moment that will be ready some time in the new year ???? looking for something with little or preferably no bull in the mix, lurcher to lurcher breeding and looking for a bitch pup.......... any help or info will be much appreciated, thanks in advance, jay
  6. Plastic ferret boxes

    have a look on falconry fabrications website, I'm sure they sell tidy plastic bow back ferret boxes
  7. Two Bobcock dog pups looking for homes

    they'll be gone soon enough these.........quality pups, well reared, all the best, jay
  8. Rabbit Gun On A Budget!

    aye your bloody right there...........lol old pic and had only recently at the time of taking picture put those 2 pieces back on after building fire place and wall papering........ one job at a time.........lol all the best jay.
  9. Rabbit Gun On A Budget!

    your probably a bit to far away for this............ but I have this for sale, mint condition AA S400, .177 cal, bottle and guage with a case, bottle needs a retest but no problem getting it done, I will take £350 and no less for it. all the best, jay
  10. Black Eyed White

    gone to good home.......... cheers
  11. Log / Multi Fuel Burner

    i got a clearview pioneer 5kw multi fuel stove........... cracking little burner and bumps more than enough heat out in my room.......... all the best, jay
  12. i have an adult black eyed white jill, free to good home, I rescued her a few months ago from a property next to one of my permissions where she was seen wandering about, she is a bit of a nipper..... cheers, jay.
  13. Black Eyed White

    I have a black eyed white jill here if anyone is interested............. she is an adult and small, only down fall is she can be a bit naughty when being handled and have a little dig at you if you take your eye off her, I took her in a few months ago as she was found on a property next door to one of my permissions, full of ticks and looking a little bit worse for wear, but I got her cleaned up now and looking a lot healthier............. she is free to good home, I am located south east wales. cheers, jay.