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  1. Monday 25th May 2015 Stadium of Light Stadium Sunderland £135.00 for the pair.
  2. Bellman And Flint

    7 pounds 60 odd I think mine was recorded ,insured etc.....
  3. Bellman And Flint

    Sorry Wilf...gone
  4. How Greedy Can A Person Be..........

    What chance have you got against a tie and a crest............?
  5. Bellman And Flint

    Sold subject to the usual , cheers
  6. Bellman And Flint

    Box is about five years old, it's like new pal ,coller is the non rechargeable type this kit was used today and is in fine working order.
  7. Pieps box and collar for sale £ 200..notes pick up from preston add a fiver for postage if it needs posting... Will not post until money is in bank....cheque cleared.etc
  8. Right chaps have book holiday ,and would like some tips,if anyone has any, for who to go with .i know what fish I want to catch tarpon snook etc just wondered if any one can recommend a boat /skipper to fish with...cheers
  9. Patterdale Pups

    Sorry forgot to update....pups gone...SOLD
  10. Patterdale Pups

    Not putting pics on here they are basically copies of their parents . Dog will make 15 16 inch I would imagine...
  11. Patterdale Pups

    One pup left...
  12. Patterdale Pups

    One left, ""..............
  13. Patterdale Pups

    In word.....no
  14. Patterdale Pups

    f***ing pot licking thing it is