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  1. Gav

    Air Quality - wood stoves - vehicles - farming

    I burn around 5 - 6 ton of peat a year, we only burn peat as there's no trees here and peat is free, nothing going stop me burning free fuel and we have some of the best air quality in the country. Hope no one sees the plumes of crap my old tractor churns out too, maybe I should get the right injector pump
  2. Gav

    New MOT rules !!

    Why bother anyway, just buy new an trade in before three years.
  3. Mates Thai wife took the lot, he never even gets a look in. Anything not eaten goes to the dogs so no waste, even big fatties I save in the freezer for me and curry them. I was using subs, but my rfd gave me a deal so tried them, honestly they do the job well, though make a crack even with the mod. 60yds is my limit really .22 sub but then I have the .17hmr option, just 22's are a quarter of the price.
  4. Gav

    Browning maxus

    I'm old school, and agree with Stavross, even if your told its looked after not had much through it etc, you'll never know for sure. For peace of mind I always buy new, no one is going to tell you it's been dropped or abused if they're trying to sell it! Maybe test it out a while before you part with cash if your really wanting it?
  5. As it was nice took the .22 out, using cci mini mags got these four around the 60yds mark, all headshots within 15 minutes. As I took the first photo and was about ready to pack up, one of their friends popped it's head out wanting to play, around the 40yds mark, I was happy to oblige. The difference in damage at 20yds difference is explosive.
  6. Gav


    Wait till the midges an cleggs come oot
  7. Gav


    Millions here, only predators are the eagles and me!
  8. Gav


    Like my old man used to say "they don't call em bandits for nawt"
  9. Gav


    The subtitles are hilarious never mind the tools making noise nullnullnull
  10. Gav

    Next step

    I have a t-bolt in .17hmr and my mate has a .22wmr, my rifle only weighs about 4-5lbs and his weighs around 4lbs heavier, mine is composite and his wood stock, his barrel also seems a lot beefier, so could be that. I have an ASE mod and he has a Sak mod, the hmr is defiantly quieter, again this could just be the difference in the mods. I'm right on the money out to 150 yds+ on a calm day and he seems to struggle over 100yds, this could be our different capabilities, rounds etc, but I'm certainly sticking hmr.
  11. Gav

    Lion attack

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  12. Gav

    FEO Interview booked

    Told mine in my pocket (which is true) spares in separate house safe, he was happy with that.
  13. Gav

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    Ya can still get discounted booze delivered from amazon pantry so panic over
  14. Gav

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    Seems mad to me a bottle of spirit is the same price as a bottle of strong cider now, madness at its finest.
  15. Gav

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    Must be the voting public? NOT