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  1. Favourite Sunday roast

    Lots of extra veg for bubble n squeak on Monday too
  2. Favourite Sunday roast

    Roast beef, very rare so ya can dip ya veg in the blood.
  3. Another school shooting in America

    Sad, its become the norm out there these days, it doesn't even shock the general public any more because its daily news. If they ever want to start reversing this culture they need to rethink their whole culture. Untill they do it just carries on.
  4. Rusty steel?

    If you have an angle grinder you can get wire brushes that fit directly to the spindle, I find these are great for going back to bare steel without actually damaging or taking too much off. Use a vice though, they take skin off as easy.
  5. Ahh now ya got me caffuddled, I swapped my 308 for the 243,wish I hadn't I must admit. The reasoning for going 708 is I have a friend who has let me use it and it is very nice plus he reloads for peanuts, so rounds would be cheap for me too, now you've thrown a 6.5 into the equation hmmm, would certainly like to try one before I make a final decision now and do my variation πŸ˜‚. Thank you all for the input, decisions decisions!?!
  6. REscue

    If I'd of been close, I'd have partaken too, great result, be right tomorrow for another. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘
  7. This infuriates me, there is nothing needs signing! It's a disclosure. It means, if asked your GP can disclose anything which may prevent you owning a firearm! It is not a signituare to grant a firearm.
  8. SACS Have deliberated this with government and can help, contact them, it's been an ongoing concern over the last few years and shouldn't affect your renewal/application!
  9. I think it's all down to ammunition and ballastics, a 270 packs greater grain bullet and velocity than both 243 and 308, I had a rem 308 which I swapped for the 243, and to be honest I should have kept the 308, but choice of rounds and price led me to 243, I've since had use of a 270 on occasions, which is why I want to move up. There are other factors too, friend reloads 270 for peanuts and the federal ballastics are great. I was just wanting to know if stainless had any better justification for more than double the price. I do appreciate your input though, thank you.
  10. Yeah cheers, mate reloads 270 too so cheap ammo, but is it worth the money going stainless? It's for culling reds here and we have no trees, cover been limited distance is a major factor.
  11. I'm thinking of swapping my x bolt III 243 for a 270 A bolt stainless. Apart from the obvious (corrosion, longevity) is there any other advantages to going stainless? They are more than double in price and still in two minds. I know the advantages caliber wise, just really looking for the excuse to be paying double, I've always well looked after my rifles, and never had real corrosion problems. Both browning by the way.
  12. James bulger killers

    That's why it's called general chat n bants in it fam πŸ˜‚
  13. James bulger killers

  14. Thrush hunting

    Could use one of those infra ray sights on mine, they look the business