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  1. New Harris bi pod

    This is a GENUINE Harris Bi-Pod (not a clone). This model does not swivel/tilt/pivot. Ultra-light Harris Bipods are lightning quick and manufactured with quality heat treated steel and hard alloys. The bipods are quick-detachable and clamp to the Q.D. stud of bolt action rifles with conventional stock design. Carrying your rifle with a sling or shooting off-hand is not impeded by the use of a Harris Bipod. Hinged bases have tension adjustment to eliminate tremor. Bipods have an all-weather black anodized finish Item is Brand New. Size: Adjusts from 6"x9" Model: 1A2-BRM (with notched legs) RRP £69.99 £40 plus postage. pm for details
  2. nets 4 sale

    forgot to say all nets are on heavy duty rings.im sure sniffer will say how good my nets are as he has a load of them
  3. nets 4 sale

    i have 14 4ft spun polyester nets for sale £30 6 heavy spun poly fox nets 6ft £6.50 each 6 0.75 mm braid fox nets 6ft £5.50 each pm for details All nets are hand made and brand new
  4. raw meat

    does anyone feed raw pheseants & partridges to their dogs????
  5. 270

    thanks for the replys, what make is that rifle foxhunter, tikka??
  6. 270

    no a 222 is no good for deer i allready have a 223 but need at least a 243 for bambi
  7. 270

    ive just heard locally some ones had 2 different 243s and couldnt zero them. What rifle is that martin, remmington 700???
  8. 270

    just wondering if a 270 is too big for fox and roe?? it will be mainly used for fallow but could be used for all three, i did think about a 243 but have heard some bad things about zeroing them Thanks in advance
  9. TATOOS?

  10. fox nets for sale

    i have 6 X 6ft fox nets for sale made by myself from 0.75 braid on heavy duty rings, their are a few lads on here that will vouch for my nets as they keep coming back for more. £6 each plus postage or collection from kent
  11. Rifles

    cz 452 .22 & remmington 700 in 223 with schmit & bender 8 x 56 and a t8

    what scopes are on them??

    well done good shooting, what set ups are those rifles??

    can anybody tell me of a good meat supplier of dog food (chicken beef etc) that will deliver to kent Thanks in advance
  15. do you have to take the meat off the bone first before you mince it?