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  1. Ticks

    Neem oil I found to be very good cheap but does stink for afew days mix it with warm water in a spray bottle spray on dogs and rub it I find its quite good for fleas also garlic in their diet can help with tick and fleas but to much can be bad for them ATB RT
  2. Need new lamping partners

    What type of dogs you running pal and what part of south wales you from Pm if you prefer ATB RT
  3. Marking !

    That' a nice looking place wales very similar to a place I do could even be but I can' make it it from the picture . I do like a dog to mark and a little terrier to knock them out the rocks nothing better than seeing a fox skipping across the stones
  4. Beddy Bitch Pup

    Iv got a dog and bitch here half brother and sister bitch is working and the dogs is young and will be tried this season and both are bred from worker in above and below ground iv been considering taking a litter from her in the spring if your pal is prepared to wait and he's welcome to see the bitch if he wants
  5. Ratting

    Fd do the bedlingtons do anything in the ground at rt
  6. I.m Back

    Happydays your back fox pack really enjoyed your posts atb rt
  7. Bitch Pup

    A mate of mine got a bitch that's look in to put in a working kennels 24 25 ish tts wheaton collie bull grey rough coated 2 half year old both parents can be seen and litter brother bomb proof with ferrets and stock she's not done a great deal of daytime work but is decent on the lamp bitch has done nothing wrong new home and baby and hasn't got time for 3 working lurchers atb rt
  8. Moral Of The Story Is?????

    Spot on dan couldn't agree more it's funny how the green eye monster changes people even when you known them a long time atb rt
  9. Getting Back Into The Game

    Iv got everything you need if your prepared to travel to south wales and collect it George ferrets hutch box locater and nets
  10. 2017 Kitts Wanted In South Wales

    Owen iv a brace of last year jills here your welcome to they've done a little bit also pm me if interested
  11. Working Bedlington

    Iv gifted ever pup front two litters I kept one from first litter the second was a Faver to a good mate of mine he kept one I place one dog pup with a mate and just had it back aged 17 months ready to start doing things with . All spare pups wentry to people I don't know working kennels is all ask for were the dog will be treated fairly with plenty of time to develop as some a frustratingly slow and give every chance to work and if it doesn't make the grade it's to be pet home'd or PTS as it's not fair to a animal being past pillar to post ATB Rt
  12. Work Them Hard

    Iv got it here top condition and some other terriers books if your interested pm me
  13. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    M.Evans stuff is very type and produced it's fare share of worker that iv witnessed for myself iv his breeding here and can trace it back 25 year and pictures of alot of his dogs/breed he's a top bloke that's shifted plenty of earth to his dogs and only ever breed for work and from workers ATB RT
  14. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    He was bred in swansea CM24 bred by M.Evans line bred chaz and molly father doughter mating if my memory is correct should be coming up 4 year old atb rt
  15. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I'm liking these beagle based bushers you lads are using iv been thiking of a brace myself it's alot safer than having a terrier loose . Willy how's the bedlington dog turn out for you ATB RT