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  1. Hello Ian Yup shows promise. However you mentioned that it is a compressed load at 26gr of Varget - well according to QL assuming the following: The rifle is a European make (Tikka Sako etc) as opposed to USA make (Ruger, Winchester) the barrel is 22" and you are seating at standard COL of 2.260" at the lowest charge of 25.4 the fill ratio is 110% so even that is compressed - at 26 gr the granules are being crushed - broken granules will burn differently - the result 26gr Varget = Fill ratio 112.5% Burn rate only 90.6% Pressure 53197 psi (max if European rifle 62366 psi) 3200 fps As you can see even using a powder dropper very slowly, you may cheat the fill ratio by say 2% - most people (in the know) will only go as far as 106%. As you know the European 'REACH' regulations will no longer permit Varget being imported into the EU with effect from this coming June so unless you have several tubs at your disposal, now may be the time to consider a REACH compliant powder such at Vihtavuori or Alliant Reloader to name just two manufacturers. Just as a guide with one EU compliant powder:- 23.8gr of Alliant Reloader 10x (made in Sweden) = fill ratio 105.6% Burn rate 100% Pressure 61740 3396 Fps Peter
  2. First attempt - got lucky

    Hi Matt Trust you found yesterday useful - sorry I burnt the soup - window cleaner's fault!!! On your journey with reloading please refer back to me at any time. Hopefully if you are looking for a foxing rig in the future, you wont dismiss the 20 Tac! Peter
  3. First attempt - got lucky

    Email replied to
  4. First attempt - got lucky

    Oh blast it would not let me put the word doc in for me - if you email me exmoordeer@gmail.com I will send a copy that you can print off.........or anyone else for that matter! Peter
  5. First attempt - got lucky

    Well done you!! There is nothing on those targets that should worry you. The 6.5 is a very tolerant calibre when it comes to reloading. I assume you will be full lengthening each time? I have just run the info you have provided through Quickload at a guess of a 22" tube and at a weight of 45gr predicts 2704 fps (1948ft lbs) with a case fill of 103.9% (so pour your powder into the case slowly) Please bear in mind that the amount of powder burnt on ignition is predicted at 92.21% and whilst not really an issue, you may find that upon extraction you will occasionally see sooty marks down the walls of the spent cartridge (obturation) - it happens in my 6.5 on occasions. Personally I would not worry about getting up around 2800 fps - its not speed that kills but accuracy. Reloading is all about being consistent with your method of reloading - always be methodical - don't take on too many rounds to reload at one time - 20 at a time is ideal, have a system to do your reloading in the same sequence each time. Below is my crib sheet for reloading process - other may do theirs in a different sequence.
  6. Reloading Assistance

    Agree LS Nothing wrong with that little group and for normal stalking ranges that will put meat on the table. You say you may have pulled one of the shots - perhaps you did but also remember if you cant the rifle on a shot it can have the same affect as pulling a shot - I can be guilty of that at times. Oh finally being pedantic!! A 180 gr into that sized living tree (Spruce?) could cause its demise. Attached a couple of photos of my target holder with hinged back for easy transit - just make sure your back stop is solid - and not a tree
  7. N130 or N133 .223 loads

    Ian if you are referring to the OCW target above - the rifle was (as stated in middle of target) a 20 Tac and the bullet was seated 223 thou back from the lands. On 24 x mag I think I would wander around the bull too much!!
  8. N130 or N133 .223 loads

    Hello Ian Thanks for the compliment. Those targets were with rifles bought to me so I cannot remember what magnification I used - I would guess as low as possible. When I shoot with my Tac which has an NXS on, I will shoot at 1/2" targets using no more than X6. Reason being, aiming at a very small target sharpens your concentration. I also shoot with both eyes open!! Regarding load development , I am a disciple of the OCW method with a final tweak on COL. I do have a Magnospeed V3 to chronograph results but must confess use it mainly to provide drop charts. Some of the better benchrest people have amazing groups at 600 yds but still have ES nearly at 20 and SD in double figures. My Tac on 10 shots gave an ES of 7 and an SD of 3 ..............once! Regarding OCW test method, I copy a photo of an OCW target I shot about 4 years ago when I was finding it hard to source my usual 39gr SBK bullets so decided to test 40gr Vmax in case I totally ran out of the 39's, luckily the 39's famine ended so the Vmax recipe sits in my folder.
  9. Reloading Assistance

    LS I give below the estimated drop chart using the Sierra 180 SP using both H414 and N140 - the calculation is based on a scope with 1/4 " clicks. This info comes from my Ballistics AE app. H414 at m/v 2661 fps 100 yds zero 2528 fps 200 drop 3.64" clicks needed 7 fps 2393 300 drop 13.36" clicks 17 fps 2261 400 drop 29.88" clicks 29 fps 2132 N140 at m/v 2556 fps 100 yds zero 2492 fps 200 drop 4.12" clicks 8 needed fps 2292 300 drop 14.86" clicks 19 fps 2162 400 drop 33.04 clicks 32 fps 2098 So you can see that dialing in an extra one or two clicks is hardly life changing for the operator!!
  10. Reloading Assistance

    LS yes to get the same PSI as N140 you need to overfill your case by 5% with H414. That 5% is of course if you plan to seat at SAAMI spec of 2.800" as your QL picture shows. The difference in speed of 100 fps - you would not be able to tap your finger twice on the desk quick enough to separate the time of arrival at even 200 yds so best not to compare speed!! At the end of the day it is not speed that kills but accuracy.
  11. N130 or N133 .223 loads

    Hello Ian Good question! N130 burn rate is .7350 whilst N133 is very much slower at .4279 I have used on several standard twist barrels (I in 12) N133 using exclusively the 50 gr Vmax with generally pretty good results. Seems that with N133 the case needs to be pretty full just under compressed load values to get decent muzzle velocities, the upside being the powder/bullet combo provides consistently accurate rounds. Last year aware that using the slower N133 maybe have its limitations I looked at both N130 and N120 as they both have very similar burn rates with the N120 a tad quicker. The next 223 that came to me became the guinea pig for N120, must say I was not disappointed. Hopefully I have attached two copies of targets for both N133 and N120 In my opinion the two powders + your N130 are perfectly acceptable powders for this little calibre. By contrast when I developed a load for a guy from N Ireland in his custom 1 in 8 twist 223 I used N140 with the 77gr Lapua bullets - will try and get a copy of target up which was before I spent time on the chronograph
  12. What am i doing wrong

    Sometimes over lubing your cases can have the exact opposite result and cause cases to get stuck. If you must use one of these dreadful lubes use it sparingly. Once you have got the hang of reloading and gained more experience you will bin the lubes and get a small tin of Imperial Sizing Wax and then kick yourself for taking so long to getting around to buying a tin.
  13. Reloading Assistance

    Hello LS Firstly I assume your input into Quickload is right ie 20" barrel and that you have an American rifle (308 win SAAMI) and not a European Rifle (308 win CIP) I would not be too concerned about a 95.06% burn rate. What would concern me is your use of powder H414. I am sure you are aware from this June 90%+ of American powder will not be available for sale in the UK. as REACH has deemed them hazardous- this includes powders made by Hodgson and IMR. However European powders are deemed REACH compliant, so powders like Lovex, Reloader Swiss, Alliant Reloader and of course Vihtavuori are all OK. If you have Quickload available, can I suggest you feed into it 43gr of N140 and see the results. Usual caveat start low with powder when load developing. Peter
  14. 223 O.a.l

    Hi. 2.260" is an acceptable COL for this size bullet - basically industry standard and will easily fit your magazine. Just guessing - I assume you are using around 23.5 gr of N133 if so then your PSI will be around 52,300 against a safe max of 62,300. Your only problem using this powder is that at 23.5 gr it will be filling the case 108.5% which would mean that is will be a compressed load and theoretically the powder should be poured into the case using a powder dropper otherwise the bullet when seated will tend to crush the powder granules. You can also see from the above guess that at 52K psi adding another grain of powder, PSI goes up to 60,142 which is still safely below max but your case will be 113% filled. Basically this info is for you and any others loading for this calibre. For safety reasons I would never recommend shooting bullets right up against the lands - it has to be borne in mind that virtually all rifles may have as many as four sweet spots - yes the first is around the 40 thou back but some sweet spots are well back (my 20 Tac is actually 222 thou back) PS. Your COL at 2.200" would give a PSI (assuming 23.5gr of powder ) of around 55K so would be safe to shoot but would not necessarily go where you are aiming. The 223' s I reload for are for the heavier competition VLD type bullets but I do three 223s using 50 gr Vmax and N133 An example of someone's 223 I worked on - this was a custom barrel
  15. 223 O.a.l

    It would help Walshie if you mentioned the make and weight of the bullet you are using - without that info anybody else's distances they are shooting off the lands are meaningless. As an extreme example, a 69 gr SMK will have a totally different length than a 40 gr V Max in your .223