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  1. DVD'S

    Fourteen acres sells moleys DVD 👍
  2. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    Msn😳 We still in the 90's 😂😂
  3. Just seen on Facebook,YouTube are taking shooting videos off as of today 😳 Think it's just airgun videos for now,maybe all others will follow 😞
  4. Favourite Sunday roast

    What's coddle?
  5. Favourite Sunday roast

    Yep got that today 😄
  6. Favourite Sunday roast

    A farm we stayed on in the Peak District had herdwick sheep,we brought some lamb off them,absolutely delicious.
  7. I'd have bid for that fallow,nice price for a freezer full of meat. been to melton quite a few times over the years,there was always rabbits for sale,but the last few times hardly any or none.
  8. Favourite Sunday roast

    As the title says,mines a nice leg of lamb with all the trimmings 😊
  9. Set a few wires today fancied a hare for me dinner😊,picked up two rabbits and a hare.
  10. Scopes for sale

  11. Thinking of keeping chickens.

    Do you buy them as chicks and rise then? Or can you buy them when they are older,and rear along side your others?
  12. Thinking of keeping chickens.

    The area is for chickens only.
  13. Thinking of keeping chickens.

    Think I'll start with 3 then,thanks folks. also would it be worth having a table bird,I know it would work out expensive then to buying one from a supermarket.
  14. I've got a bit of room in my back,I have a area of 19ft long 6.5ft wide with room to put a 6ft x 3ft wide coop at one end....just wondering how many chickens I could keep on that area,thanks 👍
  15. 20 bore for sale

    View Advert 20 bore for sale AYA side by side 20 bore,it's been used,a few scrapes nothing major. selling due to not using it and need space in cabinet shotgun certificate holders only £60.00 Ono Nottinghamshire Advertiser MR TEA POT Date 21/01/18 Price £60.00 Category Shotguns