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  1. Strange offering's at Leeds market!!

    Feck that expensive dog food
  2. hey up lads

    Go to the doctors and ask for a xray , but gone are the days when they strapped up ribs the give you painkillers and tell you to get on with it
  3. A lesson from Poland

    My mate put in to drive the buses and was told he wouldn't get training as the government pay for the polish to complete there training courses to the tune of 4K
  4. Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    Im no sure its all about a swift clean kill to your prey any more though the last two new traps seem to retail about £40 each a scary thought to loose a few or be damaged beyond use . and theres no price on the new one but it will only be sold by the pallet load ? Is it aimed only for use on the big pheasant estates ?.
  5. Theres a drey at work on the avenue leading to the main reception this things huge looks unstable hanging over the road , im waiting on it falling on a bus , then .Oh we dont have the money to close the road and get a cherry picker in to remove it wont apply when health and safety get involved
  6. More digs than usual?

    i think it depends on the ground some ground where they hardly see a ferret they fly out . we got another that's poached regular and if they don't show putting another ferret in will bottle them up and result in a dig , there big old burrows and i think there getting done with guys with no enough equipment or ferrets and there wising up the rabbits . we got another round a fishery and you can put a ferret in and they fly out up to a 100 yards from where you enter the ferret it seems like they hear them coming . But a few guys it might be down to field craft now there's locators how many guys approach a warren down wind and try no to walk over it ?.
  7. Piledrivers.

    be nice to see how you get on with them , maybe because i've never seem them before they look gimmicky

    Looking good mate . its scary to imagine what you could do if you had a workshop you would never be out always refurbishing guns
  9. Hello from Georgia

    Hello and welcome mate
  10. lost car keys

    Look for a guy going up and down the rows in the car park trying to see what cars indicators are flashing ?
  11. Mink through weed and winter fox mask

    Totally out the box there something folk would ask about when they come into your house no the usual just stuck on the wall taxidermy
  12. Warreners The Bygone ways of the poacher.

    Can't send you a message. . .?
  13. Rabbit trapping/snaring

    With so few rabbits about somebody must have bitten your has hand off for this and to be paid as well
  14. Warreners The Bygone ways of the poacher.

    You on facebook he is and offering good deals
  15. Is it just me who is cynical?

    Nice to see somebody so honest ex specially at this time of year but can you believe somebody's that stupid to leave a window down with so much money in a car ? No even putting the bag in the boot
  16. Catty companion

    Same here old bitch hates them try's to get up the trees after them but she knows to give them a good crunch when picking them up
  17. The Red Fox.

    Sniffing that exhaust giving. Him mange ? Lol
  18. Ferreting

    Lovely fresh day to be out
  19. A few collards this morning

    Nice going mate less crap for the farmer on machinery oron feed stuff
  20. That was hard work.

    Nice to see you got a result for your hard work , and maybe one less litter of Cubs on your ground
  21. New arrival

    Hello and welcome mate
  22. Cold Morning Corvids & Woodpigeons For The Pot

    Nice going on the magpies mate that music at the start from the walking dead ?
  23. Air Rifle Hunting, 2017 In A Nutshell

    All I'm getting is a black screen and the sounds ?
  24. Air Rifle Hunting, A Short Ratting Video

    Nice film mate
  25. Bit A Trapping

    Nice going mate. They worth anything ?