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  1. New member looking for land

    Hello and welcome mate and good luck
  2. Hi

    Hello and welcome mate
  3. Hello from Nottinghamshire.

    Hello and welcome mate
  4. New member? Sort of

    Hello and welcome back mate
  5. Newborn lambs

    Do they not stagger the births no to give them a longer market selling the lambs
  6. Merry Christmas from Greggs.

    Whats going to upset the muslims more the festive scene or the pork sausage roll i love it
  7. Couldn’t resist

    Maybe but if a few die above would you see them before the foxes , badgers , crows etc cleaned them up
  8. New perm 🤞🤞

    Used to here squirrel hibernate dont think they do a good feed station you will make big inroads numbers wise in the winter
  9. Revenge Porn

    Cant believe that about facebook they ban any pict of a birds nips
  10. Christmas Adverts

    Got to be politically correct these days
  11. Shepherd's sprung hill shoes or boots

    You tried Hoggs of fifes site ?.
  12. Mink diving on a small fish

    Thats another one total out the box , i could live with that , thats certainly no dust gatherer as my wife calls most taxidermy mounts
  13. conibear pans

    Now for a daft thought i sprayed mine matt green even the stands but no the cubbys The fens i never touch and they are okay with patchy surface rust
  14. Getting to old !

    Old age doesnt come its self mate but with that amount you must be well along with the cull numbers
  15. New perm 🤞🤞

    Nice going mate just the right time to sort out the tree rats as the leaves are falling