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  1. The one

    Hello Again

    Hello and welcome mate , nothing changes dogs still getting stolen so your needed on here
  2. The one

    Been offer,d a night out shooting

    Hope you have a good time mate , thats what the site should be about
  3. Its nice choosing a gun you like but its a pcp for serious rabbit control for me . i gave a boy a good night out on the rabbits and the next day he couldnt lift his arms after shooting 70 odd never get that problem with my gun
  4. The one

    Out for a bit today

    Nice going mate and after seeing it the stock looks nice in green
  5. The one

    Bacon lady

    A easy target for two police officers ? Sure beats real policing
  6. The one

    A brute

    Nice going mate shame about the head , do you clean them and keep all the ones you shoot ?.
  7. The one

    We had some good shots.

    Nice going mate
  8. The one

    DIY Fox Skull

    I just give any i pick up to a pal his sons a Goth and his rooms full of skulls etc But he can wash them himself
  9. The one

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    We got a text telling us to watch it im going to give it a chance till ive viewed it , it you never know it could be all cut to buggery to make them look bad
  10. The one

    Bloody dogs

    Why the £12 part fee its a con they say they feed it breaky ?
  11. The one

    Shocking trip

    Aye its crazy the difference in power between a battery electric fence and a powerful one wired up to the mains ,
  12. The one

    5 greyhounds stolen

    Hope the rest turn up there ear tattoos should help
  13. The one

    I am new from Pakistan

    Hello and welcome mate some nice work there
  14. The one

    A Bad Weekend For Steve

    It wil makethe good days even better