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    wildfowling,deer stalking, ferreting,rough shooting, fishing you name it i love it!!

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  1. firthy

    En route to the dealer

    Well done once again mate ya really putting that new rifle to good use
  2. firthy

    A cull brace

    You’ll prob have to start giving it away lol least ya got plenty to keep you busy mate
  3. firthy

    A cull brace

    Your smashing it mate sounds like there’s plenty of work to do on ya new permission
  4. firthy


    Rifle looks pimp in that case mate
  5. firthy

    Out with the old

    Well done mate finally got on here although rather difficult with a smashed I phone to type properly. Look g forward to seeing more
  6. firthy

    Gold Medal Called

    Absolutely cracking buck well done
  7. Good read well done
  8. firthy

    Moderator Suggestions???

    I've gone with the atec someone I know was singing they're praise. Hopefully have it this week then off to get barrel threaded and proofed.
  9. firthy

    My Somerset / Wiltshire Trip

    Cheers mate yep still being enjoyed although starting to run low already lol you been out and done any yet? Or ya been too busy?
  10. firthy

    My Somerset / Wiltshire Trip

    I've never stained any antlers before mate didn't really wanna muck I up.
  11. firthy

    My Somerset / Wiltshire Trip

    Cheers mate yeah I'm chuffed with him. You been out much? Or you still seeing them in velvet?
  12. firthy

    Moderator Suggestions???

    I'm thinking maybe one that covers barrel like reflex type are they same money
  13. firthy

    Moderator Suggestions???

    Is your mod forward mounted or does it cover the barrel mate?
  14. firthy

    Moderator Suggestions???

    How much mate? What type is it? Reflex? Where you buy from