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  1. WANTED 12g O/U

    same mate got a o[u here single trigger ejecter 150 quid shropshire area
  2. One short of the ton today

    love it when things like that happen .
  3. decoying crows

    hi do any of you use a plastic owl decoy was wondering as was going to fetch 1
  4. jays

    fair play to you mate i got me redpoll hen on a nest with me goldy just hopeing they turn out
  5. Whippets ratting

    nothin wrong with the whippet ratting mate they make up a good part of any team
  6. rooks

    so would you shoot them or not duncan as we can c your mad 4 the shooting.or have you never been ask by a farmer to sort a pest out i thought thats why they give permission
  7. rooks

    the facts r there a pest dont get attached you might go veggie
  8. rooks

    THANKS mate some people r on here i think for the photos only .they got no idea what happens out there
  9. rooks

    we shot both young and old birds mate .they was shot on reqeust from farmer obviously you aint seen rook damage to field or the things takin young bird or eggs .
  10. rooks

    hi all we went out friday shot out a rookery we ended the day with 60 plus birds cant wait to get some more days like it will try put pics up later
  11. 5/8 whippet 3/8 Lurcher pups

    how much r these pups
  12. shot gun application

    does anyone know how long you r wait for in shropshire to get license
  13. hi there a mate of mine has got 6 pups there saluki grey bull grey pups both parents 100per all game all bitches black pups im fetching 1 tomoz myself only 50 notes each as he bred 4 himself ring markc 07891438177 new number there near welsh pool good hunting dicky
  14. Bullfinch

    was sitting in the hide last week .i heard a bully shouting so i started calling . then it flew on to 1 of me hide poles nice to see it .