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  1. Coursing Whippets

    Smart whip jw.
  2. Lamping With Lass And The Whippet

    Dam is a bitch bred by m brown called bubba seen her run only whippet ever to keep up with my old bitch very fast in her day, sire is called dodger out of supa blue stuff bred by my mate Darren Young very well bred bitch is darcy atb BB
  3. Pocket Rocket Bull Whippet Pups

    A couple of crackers mate oh i do like the little uns so much fun to be had with them isnt that what its all about ? Atb with them BB
  4. still looking sharpe mag how old is he now? His dams still alive and wellBB
  5. a fine looking animal. Some crackin looking dogs lads..how is he bred magwitch ? Sired by Gen strike while the irons hot to a Gutchcommon/Nimrodel beddyX....Glad to see he is still about and still doing well for you my pal Mark bred him atb BB
  6. Poaching D$$$Heads

    Hit the nail on the head there Peter atbBB
  7. Poaching D$$$Heads

    Poaching is poaching in the eyes of the law but when you try to run down a farmer who is trying to stop you and shagging the fields up whether under crop or not which they were ,I would say it makes a whole lot of difference ,as I keep saying I wasn't poaching I know the fella just because I have no letter to say ,doesn't mean I am poaching ,I go there because he does,nt mind me going ,always been this way. Got some other land I go on take the farmer a bottle of red at crimbo to say thank you ,alas still not letter of permission I am sure some of you understand how it works atb BB
  8. Poaching D$$$Heads

    I wasn't poaching I was old fashioned mooching ,I am not whining about taking the odd bunnie but these boys didn't give a fek who they upset and what damage they did big difference ,and no farmer is going to write you a letter saying you can run big ears is he ? So we had an understanding ,he is an old fella who knows me and knows that I respect the land I walk upon atb BB
  9. Poaching D$$$Heads

    eh up Keith how's things? Yep feked it up for me good and proper ,not to worry my lttleuns don't draw attention from plod anyhow keep calm and carry on eh atbBB
  10. Opinions On Which Way To Go?

    Whippet or whippet x mate quick off the Mark a must when bolting from hedges whippet + terrier = good combo atb BB
  11. Poaching D$$$Heads

    As. I said police involved now thet know the gang ,maybe it's just my old ways but what happened to watching your dogs work pick up on a scent, spotting a seat ,taking the odd feather old school stuff, the whole driving and chucking your dogs out I can't get my head round.no the farmer was giving me a friendly warning about plod keeping there eye on land season all done now so I hope it will calm down so I can resume my old shool mooches come sept atb BB
  12. Poaching D$$$Heads

    I wasn't poaching really been going for years down the farmer knows me well ,but turns a blind eye my point it these lot were part of the reason it got banned in the first place now the land is hot, fekers make my blood boil atb bb
  13. Poaching D$$$Heads

    There is some land a short walk from me been going for a few years now good land holds a few ,had some nice gallops down there ,havnt got permission as such but farmer gives me a nod when he sees me,so as good as. out with my dogs whippet lurchers and a border terrier the other day for a mooch farmer pulls up along side me , says to me now then, I says hello ,farmers said I know you run your dogs down here ,never had any bother from you but can you stay off the land from now on we have had some bother ,I said what's happened,he goes on to tell me three 4 x4 s were here 3 weeks ago driving all over my fields running dogs , tried to run a neighbouring farmer over when he tried to stop them ,these lads were nasty threatening anyone who got in there way ,now the police are involved , I said no problem to the farmer and turned and headed for home .one car was a silver Subaru not sure about the others came from sheffield way ,these lads are not dogmen they are disrespectful dicks who need naming and shaming it was down Newark way if anyone know s anything spoilt it for me anyhow not happy BB
  14. Ratting With Lurchers

    I live on a farm we have had alot of rats about this year my little uns whippet ,Wheaton mini lurchers catch a few with the whippet and terrier blood you can't go wrong for rats ,saying that my pups dam whippet x saluki ghd is still a demon on them at 8 yrs old,all Mark 100% on rats atb BB
  15. Lamping Or Day Time ?

    Daytime for me now just got 700 acres 5 mins down road to mooch on terrier and whippet xs anything goes ,, lucky man ,too fekin old now to go out at night I work out side so log burner pipe and slippers at night nowadays atb BB