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  1. Bellman and Flint

    What’s the difference between the old peips and the new peips sport,General ?we use the old peips and the newer red brick bellman and I prefare using the old peips box personaly
  2. Wheatens

    If I were needing a wheaten to finish of a dig I would be questioning my terrier and my own capabilities on a dig,and maybe think about getting new terriers 😳
  3. Does anyone on here know of anyone who repairs the above,as bellman and flint won’t entertain them,
  4. Sand ,dos and donts

    dig in sand,where we came in from the side
  5. Sand ,dos and donts

    In sand we will where possible,come down Past the tube,and break through from the side either that or behind the dog from above,when not crowning I’m on top of the dog care must be taken not to open up on top of your quarry or you could force it to move before you have the chance to get things under control,although this usually is only a problem with a sounder or smaller dog,
  6. Cork Stuff

    because the dog let it past problems because it doesn't like the sharp end muchsaid dog is stepping back and letting stuff by,its not slipping past in the rough and tumble,that added with the fact it didn't go on to complete the dig would indicate the dog didn't want it,however this this was one dogs performance and not the entire line,each dog should be judged separately
  7. Cork Stuff

    How does anything push past a dog that's too big?
  8. Doubling Up Dogs

    Doubling up is a cnuts trick,if either dog can't do it on its own ,give it best,and source yourself some new tykes
  9. Prospects

    why is your shirt on inside out?my shirt was inside out coz I took it off and fell asleep in my garden was woken with a start kids and grandkids turning up lolneighbours husband came home from work early,an you had to bolt like a rat out of an aqua duct ,be a better story
  10. Prospects

    One ready to roll come sept/October
  11. Folks Over 6Ft Haha

    You could always screw/bolt some timbers to the top of panels and fix the roof onto them,would gain you a few extra inches
  12. truth is the truth and I care not

    Self praise is no praise
  13. Digging Dogs. Figure/ornaments

    i know 1 or 2 lads that are good at leaning on shovels