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  1. Countryside March 1998

    We traveled over from Ireland to show our support,didn’t make much difference tho unfortunately,we did however have plenty of crack and did meet some good folk
  2. I find Rimadyl to be a good pain killer, and will lift a dog that’s felling it a bit ,but wouldn’t rate it much as an anti inflammatory,from personal experience
  3. 40 pound foxes.

    One from couple seasons back,was a fair old lump .
  4. REscue

    You put them in, you dig them out

    This might be a little bit off topic 😁😳but I taught I might share with you a pic of a little dog i look forward to lifting a bit of soil to next season
  6. Irish TB.

    Truth being told it’s most likely the cattle that introduced T. B to the Badgers and Deer,what with modern intensive farming methods etc.
  7. Sharptooth fork

    Lad that makes them is from Northern Ireland,
  8. Bit of rough

    One I use for rough shooting,13 years old in pic and put many a spaniel to shame,wouldn’t pass a bird or rabbit,dosnt retrieve, but if she does her job putting them out, I don’t mind picking them up
  9. Bit of rough

  10. New Season In France

    A badly dig hole shows a lack of confidence in the dog being dug to,
  11. Bellman and Flint

    What’s the difference between the old peips and the new peips sport,General ?we use the old peips and the newer red brick bellman and I prefare using the old peips box personaly
  12. Wheatens

    If I were needing a wheaten to finish of a dig I would be questioning my terrier and my own capabilities on a dig,and maybe think about getting new terriers 😳
  13. Does anyone on here know of anyone who repairs the above,as bellman and flint won’t entertain them,
  14. Sand ,dos and donts

    dig in sand,where we came in from the side