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  1. Half cross bull greyhound

    no far from it, pitbull are a clever dog, so are staffs, all ours were east trained , quite biddable dogs really. Ok there up for a scrap, but being honest ive had fair few collie x greys that will kick off as much as any bullx the only prob with any type bull breed they do more damage if they do decide fight . just socialise them from a pup like you would do with any dog, and try and nip it in the bud when they start, ive had 3 labs, 2 collies, and a staff , start on my big dog Buck , he not dog aggressive or people he just friendly big daft dog lol, but thank feck he is , or them labs and collie would have been really hurt deff .
  2. A message from Gnasher.

    spot on , i hope he does come back on, ok its only the net its not real, but some of the things Gnash said would hold true to life, he knew his bulldogs for sure, a very good input deff
  3. Getting fed up

    maybe mate you have to move back to ireland , its crap here in england, ok ive had good bags over the years , but by fook have i traveled done 8 hours driving to put game in front of my dogs when i was young, fit , keen , the big word lol , gone out 8pm got back home 8am thats a long shift for 40 rabbits and couple of foxes in a night , no mate lamping for some reason getting popular, and owning a lurcher , and with this feckin BAN it mad it alot harder for the lamper bloke or woman deff .
  4. Half cross bull greyhound

    the best ive seen was a 1x staffx grey (Tug) , ive spoke about him before, he was 26in 70 odd lb, could catch rabbits ok in the lamp, and had fair few foxes in the lamp, but it was around holes working with terriers where he was great, it was seeing him work , made me like bullx lurchers, the bitches bit were smaller and fair bit of pace to them, real nice dogs, this was in the 80s, there are some good bullxs about today, if you get one you and not over big like them bitches you got a good lurcher there deff
  5. Gotta admire these dogs

    yeh , one tough dog that, it according to the report ,lost a tooth, and damaged it one ear, hell of a brave dog. it ot all that many dogs that can (pass) the tests to be in that job, i know the fella who used pick the pups / train the dogs for the Raf and advice for pups to be be police dogs, and he told me the amount that dont make it. So that dog was real good dog to begin with, never mind all the bravery it as shown in in its 8 years . i took Buck down to see him last year, he a gsd man so i knew he like Buck as he 1/2 gsd 1/2 grey, he really liked Buck he said the balance of the 2 breeds came out just right, and said he looks very powerful / agile type dog.i told him he very soft with people / dogs but good at his job hunting, he said that spot on then, he knows when to switch it on and not to , which he does really . he be no good as a army dog he to daft lol. he told me the Bel Mals have more drive in them than the gsd, and most are healthy, and there trying to breed bigger mals by using big dogs as alot are smaller than gsd, but there getting fair few big dogs in there litter now . he top bloke to talk to, loves dogs to do a job as well as be pets . Quote Edit
  6. Led light therapy on running dogs

    just read on Amazon , and not bad reports , treats muscle strains etc, i should think its similar heat lamp with red bulb , i use on both of my dogs . it relaxing the muscles that helps wth any form of healing , it take the stiffness out, as when dogs are warm they will stretch out, and not curl up in ball like they do when cold .
  7. New Season Of Peaky Blinders

    why kill off 2 big leading characters , they must have some more coming through , who going to take over from them or this is going to be the last series ,
  8. Great Neighbours!

    glad it worked out for you, but easiest solution , is the dogs stay in a kennel and run, and put up better fence, you might think extreme , but it not mate bad neighbours can be a nightmare , better to keep your self to your self , that way then .NO neighbour can have anything on you .
  9.  nice pups  ,and good breeding  , great for ferreting  and nice bit of lamping,  a lad on moochers on the sale sec  looking for collie whippet type pup  , might be worth a pm . Ray    

    1. Terry Ermann

      Terry Ermann

      Thanks I’m not looking for homes for them though.

  10. Litter of pups

    nice pups them, and that breeding be bang on for the rabbit job day/night
  11. Christmas Adverts

    spot on , what pisses me off alot of mixed race people still refer to them selves as being black , they aint feckin black there 1/2 cast end off . we have the observer sunday paper, my wife reads it , i just like the sport page, but the foken mag that comes with it, all the so called models are 1/2 cast , and i bet pound to a penny the editor 1/2 cast got to be , nearly every page black or 1/2 cast it pisses me off . i got nothing against black or 1/2 cast people i went out with couple girls in my youth, and some were nice looking women , but i prefer to be with a woman same colour as me white .
  12. why get involved??

    true, i know it hard viewing watching kids starve to death etc what ever the colour , but we got enough probs in our own county to sort out 1st , start here 1st, help the fckin poor, the homeless , people on low incomes , that take few years to sort out 1st, never mind people/ kids in other countries
  13. Cruciate ligament damage.

    you done right mate deff, that bitch i had who done her's was 4 1/2 so she had some sport, the last 2 seasons just before she done her knee she caught few hares and done well in the lamp as ive said on here, so to keep her as pet and plus she was on 4 legs , was suppose not to bad to do .But if she been a young dog, and gone on to 3 legs from the injury , i would have pts . you prob a younger bloke than me lol, so just move forward and get another dog , good lurcher x lurcher that can handle all quarry .
  14. Smelly b*****ds. Disgusting

    but birch the scum 1st , then drown the twats .
  15. Boxing At The Weekend...

    he have to loose 5st, and still be in trouble if i gets in with AJ , the longer he out of the ring , the longer it would take him get ready for a decent fight , never for mind AJ , i hope for him he can do it , he deff make load of money out of it for both fighters , people will pay to watch him