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  1. bird

    Champions league final

    i think all through the match it was only a question of time , when they were going to score , Liverpool wernt good enough, they were out gunned in every department . the goalie was pure shit , he made it easy for them .
  2. bird

    Loose dog -Cudworth/Thurnscoe Area

    when i used to live in staffs by weston park where they hold the midland game fair , couple dogs got shot , it was just before that out break of foot/mouth we had few years back, one dog a boxer been shot seen running sheep, the 2nd was lurcher found dead from rifle . the 1st was the farmer fair enough the dog was attacking the sheep, but the 2nd they think it may have come from a keeper, thats what heard, and i done beating on 2 shoots there . think the keeper there got the sack, it was in the news at the time, but he was being done for something else .?
  3. bird

    Champions league final

    same here Stan , even though i am a WOLVES fan , and we will play you next year, and hope we dont get to hammed lol, i am really up for this game to day mate . i really want the Reds to win, i hope to god they can pull it off and play to max abilty , go at them dont give them a minute on the ball , but think they will loose mate hope i am wrong , come on the Reds .
  4. bird

    Pepto Bismol for dogs

    try just boiled chicken and white rice Dave , it help with her gut , let it heal steady . this time of the year all dogs start eating grass , my 2 are like fooken sheep , Buck loves mint lol, got bit front of my garden , he make bee line for the stuff . and when they (farmers ) start spraying the fields be careful as well, even if your not in the fields the wind will take it in to to edge rows , to the next field , hope she picks up , maybe get ask another vet about them tabs mate .
  5. bird

    Loose dog -Cudworth/Thurnscoe Area

    hope it get found quick by owner, lets hope a trigger happy farmer dont find him 1st, lot of lambs and sheep about now , they wont mess about with any dog .!
  6. bird

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    from reading the views on a Oz site , yes they ( land owners) do like the pigs controlled on there land , and even though it a vast size country , they dont like poachers on there ground . it just the same over here on a smaller scale . where over here hunters just aspect that it goes on, over there it really frowned upon by hunters them selves . and pig hunters are up against it now in Oz , as like over here the antis over there are trying to get it banned from what ive read, hope they can keep doing it and fight a ban, and dont end up like us over here in England .
  7. bird

    Chris packham

    haha true
  8. bird

    Shoulder injury

    same as me then, does it affect you in any way,? mine my left shoulder , i carnt sleep more than 7-8 mins on my left side , the pain will stop me after sleep on my other side . ive got about 90% movement, but it clicks alot when i use it, are you similar to me or no probs with yours .?
  9. bird

    Shoulder injury

    as few know i hurt my left shoulder few years ago, there post on here. dont think it the same injury as max or meece , mine is where the bone rests on top of the shoulder, then runs back down to the collar bone (clavicle) , mine pushed up on top , it will only go back down with a OP. that would mean saw off top of the bone sticking up, and push back down it to shoulder, was told at my age 65 if i can live with it leave it alone, if was 1/2 my age they do it. i do dum bell weights every day start with 7lb , then 10 lb 30 reps, not to bad , but just looks bit strange sticking up lol , i was told my injury common with rugby players . if your 1/2 my age and in pain with your injury have a OP mate .
  10. bird

    Fury bottling bellew

    spot on mick , Bellew as you say looking for another big payday true mate, and i bet Fury will fight him once they between the 2 of them stoke the fight up more , prob happen after Fury next fight, the only reason Bellew wont fight Wilder or joshua , is he knows he get flattened in 3-4 rounds , and it send him back to cruiser weight where he really belongs , Haye done well out of it fighting at heavy , but he never been a proper heavyweight .
  11. bird

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    true mate, what ever you get up to with your dogs, should be only kept with mates that you known for years, not anybody else. it makes me laugh regards this thing with pigs been dug to etc, most cattle farmers etc shoot the bloody things at night , they dont need dogs lol . when we had the last F/M in England , some farmers have never stopped , most famers hate the things on there land , they rather have few foxes knocking about than them .!
  12. bird

    lurchers (breeding)

    he deff more easier to handle, Bryn nice size lurcher 25 in 60 lb , just a bit to much collie for my liking really, a 1/4 plenty in a lurcher i reckon . few years away yet the old bugger fit for his age lol .
  13. bird

    lurchers (breeding)

    yeh vin, dogs from proven line over 6-8 gens , that doing the job you want in your lurcher, is the way to go , like ive said on here and to you and tomo few times as 1xs go both dogs have been good dogs , maybe ive been lucky as on here . i prob end up getting a pup in from lurcher x lurcher proven dogs when the time right, no hurry [BANNED TEXT] old Bryn gone could be couple years away yet, dont want more than 2 dogs anytime, so plenty of time . all it was that Buck good dog, and shame not to use his genes , it wont happen as people stick to popular and conventional dogs racy type dogs , still it was only thinking about the future , in 3 years time i might not want another dog anyway, when you get to my age , you start to look at thing differently mate it a twat getting older .!!
  14. bird

    Let's never forget

    the thing is Max , is though they keep bringing the same old shit about stephen lawrence up , because he black, being white dont mean feck all today, we not a popular colour it seems . RIP Lee Rigby , they prob got few more plans as we type now to kill more Innocent people .
  15. bird

    lurchers (breeding)

    spot on , thats what i think , a grew = whippet x grey they full on type dog in there own right, plenty of drive/pace n them, Buck would give good feet/coat, stamina, guts , prob get pups hitting 23in-26in 50- 70lb bang on for most quarry , be good lurchers . you never know , whats around the corner as they say . and i agree i not a fan of to many breeds in a lurcher 2 or 3 more than enough .