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  1. Pheasant

    No, I skin,gut it.. Then dogs get the whole carcass.
  2. Pheasant

    Now, this is a genuine.. Wish you were closer haha.... My mutts would be eating like kings if I can find them local at that price
  3. Guests

    Try looking up an old thread, from years ago tho.. See how many guests are soon looking at same page ...
  4. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Now that young lads got style!!!!! I'm goin to be looking forward to watching him
  5. Amateur Hour!

    Good effort blackdog,nice to see mutts doing what there breed for
  6. Boxing At The Weekend...

    After his last 2 performances Parker wouldn't worry a teenager
  7. Boxing At The Weekend...

    The Scottish lad was good. Very keen to finish
  8. Boxing At The Weekend...

    That Joyce is very light on his toes for an 18st lad. Much better fight this than that last one
  9. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Paige dancing around like a right tit
  10. Banded Goose

    Can't remember how you go about it, but the info on then leg ring. Get in touch with them and they will tell you all info they have on bird
  11. Banded Goose

    Think they were caught up and tagged on Windermere
  12. Banded Goose

    There's a few round here, had geese wide of me yesterday with 5 collered ones in group.
  13. Painting Mdf

    Got to agree with the rest.... I use allot of mdf... Pva and water mix,good sand off then paint with whatever you want.
  14. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Just watched the highlights on youtube (if you can call them that) Parker's belt is there for the taking, he,s useless .. Fury if he was any good should of flattened him. Whyte should get the next chance at parker
  15. Nice Stroll On The Hills

    Proper old school rabbiting, I don't keep lurchers anymore but days out like that are as close to perfect as you old get