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  1. Guns

    Baikel 410 single shot hushpower,good condition. Pedretti 410 hushpower folding average condition. Danarms 12g over and under , single trigger fixed choke 1/4 and full , non ejector. Not much to look at but does the job, been used as my rough / pigeon gun. Would like all 3 to go all together as I’m packing in, make me an offer looking for as close to £300 for all 3 Face to face only, I’m in north notts
  2. Ziess Bt Binoculars Boxed.

    Hi interested in the Ziess binoculars, are they still for sale ?
  3. I've got a Baikal 410. Where abouts are you?
  4. Hedge Laying

    Gnipper they need to be about 5 1/2 foot long and at least an 1"x1".Gruffalo where about are mate? They sound good and the right length .i might try the local saw mill cheers lads
  5. Hedge Laying

    Part of the farm grows willow for the power stations , so no problem for binders. The problem is the stakes cos there is no woodland. It's coming to the end of the laying season so I haven't for the time to coppicing.
  6. Hedge Laying

    Started hedging after doing a course a couple of yrs back.i'm struggling to find some where to get hold of the stakes in large numbers. I'm on the north Notts/ South Yorkshire border , if anyone has got some ideas. Cheers
  7. Night Vison

    Thinking of getting a night vison set up for my air rifle, has anyone got any suggestions . I don't want to go over the top with it just something to get me started. Is there any out there that you can keep on your gun and use in the daytime ?
  8. Beagling

    Can anyone tell me if there is a Beagling pack around Notts/ South Yorkshire. Wouldn't mind watching them, I've been out with the fox hounds a time or two
  9. Land How Much

    Cheers thank for your input
  10. Land How Much

    hi lads , I'm thinking of going for my ticket for a 22 rim fire. Is there a minimum amount of land you need before you can apply. One of my permission's is 25 hectares is this to small for a rim fire?
  11. 7Ltr 300 Bar Cylinder

    Hi mate. I can make it to Rotherham any morning this week or can leave it till the weekend . Let me know cheers
  12. 7Ltr 300 Bar Cylinder

    I'll av it mate I'm in Rotherham in the morning. As I only av to come from worksop
  13. Falconry Pictures X 4

    I'll give ya £25 and pic um up?
  14. Pair Of Weasels Running

    Do you sell any of your stuff?
  15. Charging Bottle

    can anyone recommend a where to purchase a charging bottle from? I'm after a 7lt 300 bar with plenty test still on it. I've seen some on eBay for around £170. Is that about the going rate?