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  1. terriers and terriermen 2

    Does anyone know the seller of this book in the earth dog running dog,wor lass ordered it about three weeks ago and its still not here,ive tried the number but i dont even get a dialling tone
  2. Ford Ranger

    Bought this last night 52 Reg double cab Has problems,calliper sticking,feels under powered,drove it first for a while till it built itself up,then got it going up to fifty. Im not a mechanic ,£650,could be easy fix for someone who knows
  3. Ggg V Canelo

    One fight to look forward to
  4. Arthur Nixon.

    Only just reading this never met the bloke,but all i know who did had nothing but good to say about him,a mate had a dog bred of him,i can honestly say id have a kennel full of them if i could.RIP
  5. Kinda Funny

    I,m in stitches here,brilliant
  6. Harris Fencing

    I,ll try
  7. Harris Fencing

    Some have a couple kinks,a couple are only useful for the mesh,i have about forty,i live in chopwell
  8. Harris Fencing

    Used condition,not a lot of feet, plenty clips.
  9. Harris Fencing

    As above, harris fencing panel for sale £8 each,north east area
  10. Engelbert Strauss

    Thanks for the replys
  11. Engelbert Strauss

    Boss at work has been talking about getting us some new workwear for the winter and was looking at this catalogue,i was just wondering if anyone has any experiance with this make of clothing like how waterproof,hardwearing they are?I work in plant and tool hire so im generally covered in grease,oil. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Films - Best Comedy. Ever

    Man about dog Dodgeball
  13. Nice Game Farm !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love it ,someone get me a job there.
  14. Good Idea?

    You need oil to go along the bar to keep the chain lubricated,you will end up with a problem.
  15. Caravan

    Small caravan for sale,abi dastar, looks OK, couple things need doing that I can see, nothing major that I know of,North East England, can send pics through WhatsApp or email, £250 or nearest offer