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  1. Long Net Suppliers

    Has anyone got a number for nelson??
  2. Long Net Suppliers

    Hi I'm after ordering a long net and stop nets through work. Have used Nelson's nets about 4 year ago which were good quality. Not sure if he's still going or not?? Is there any other good quality long net maker's if I have no luck?? Thanks
  3. In all my years ferreting this year has got to be the worse for fleas and ticks, anyone else had problems. Every time I've been out???
  4. I'll take a look thanks mate.
  5. As above looking for a new gun lamp/torch preferably adjustable. Any ideas?
  6. Pics For Daz...

    Nice mate.
  7. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    Sorry mate sold
  8. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    It's in good condition mate, it's an old model as it pre anti tamper. Cheers.
  9. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    Yes it's still here.
  10. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    I don't really like posting mate as I like the buyer to see what they are buying in person.
  11. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    Wished I'd of seen one at this price when I was looking for one mate.
  12. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    Someone said they were coming today but must of changed there mind.
  13. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    £365 anyone?
  14. Air Arms S410 Multi Shot

    It is a bargain mate, Suprised it's still sitting here. Cheers.