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  1. feck me its tegan aka black death
  2. Old Pics

    pity the Carmarthenshire hounds been a joke for so many seasons now they have some great country there
  3. Wheaten Greyhounds

    hes the spit of my mates dog almost a Bedlington look to them
  4. Pups

    rh are two of those pups going to Sunderland?
  5. Pups

    if you cant find better bred pups you certainly wont find better lookers
  6. if i had a pup i wouldn't be looking for something that's 1.5 deep isn't there any pissers up there? easy to enter easily spoilt
  7. Whats The Best Boot

    100 meters of para cord in camo £7 from eBay cut to length and melt the end with a lighter, you,ll have laces that outlast your boots and enough left over to string a tarp up and make an overnight shelter, never leave home without itgold idea bud
  8. Must have the wrong dog then I thought you used a black and white dog from near neath the dog that has the collie blood from Penderyn in his veins my mistake
  9. My mistake I know he goes back to the old collie blood that used to be around the beacons
  10. Hunting / Wild Life Tattoos

    Looks like you fell asleep and the kids had the crayons out
  11. What's Your Best Lurcher

    My mate the blacksmith had one real clever dog if you kicked him up the arse he would make a bolt for the door
  12. I thought the dog was a half cross collie greyhound I could be wrong
  13. Age Of Stud

    Age is but a number
  14. Age Of Stud

    Dont think that it costs a lot to get them tested
  15. Horses And Cattle

    If a horse is running straight at you and you stand perfectly still there's a good chance you're going to die.Horses can't see directly in front of them ,hence the reason you stand your ground, put your hands out to widen yourself and make some noise so it knows you're there. Then it will stop or go around you. This thread shows that a lot of lads think the countryside is only about the quarry you're after. It's a working environment just like a building site and has it's dangers and a herd of cattle or horses milling around in the dark could easily break a leg or a neck and that's a big hit someone has to take financially because someone who hasn't a clue has gone somewhere they shouldn't have. feck me countryside 999 is off on one