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  1. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    The said dealer is always boasting about how many HOFFS he has on the Yank sites.LOL
  2. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    It was not easy digging without HOFFS. A lot of the Yanks are good dog men and genuine guys,but they seem to think dogs fighting coons overground is terrier work.Any cur will fight overground with the pack,over this side how many potential HOFFS were sent to Elvis because that was all he was good for(yellow b*****d),or back in the day how many fox dogs were termed useless because he would not entertain the bigger foe.I seen a Yank selling pups on another site for 800 bucks from two non working lap dogs,when I quizzed him he got humpy and said his dogs had the BLOOD and flashed there HOF laced pedigrees,and challenged me to show him my dogs pedigrees LOL. I seen another boys video from a slick Patterdale web page five or six dogs hunting a coon in around farm machinery when the coon turned three of them ran away,not one of them could spot the curs.HOF my bollix.
  3. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    But most of the Yank dogs have H.O.F on there pedigree so they must be the real deal.!!!
  4. Irish TB.

    TB is starting to be a problem again in Ireland because of all Foreigners from TB riddled Countrys coming in here and not getting tested at entry,after all our suffering from TB we are letting it in with our door wide open.Two good friends of my own got a very serious strain of it working in the prison service, personnel who interviewed these economic migrants !!! a lot of them have also got it.You will not read about this in the papers it would probably lead to shouts of Racism.As for getting TB from digging badgers back in the day we dug plenty and kept up to forty in pens nobody ever got nothing from them.I dug one(PRE BAN)that was very sick and looked to have TB and others were in the best of health.
  5. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    WE did vote for Gay marriage in this liberal little Country of ours,this is the result f***ing up our dogs.
  6. Irish TB.

    Yip its all about the money,seen Dept boys moving a family of badgers one time,with a mine digger trenched the whole set and destroyed it.Badgers are very partial to chocolate,we also fed them sheeps heads many years ago for the trials.
  7. Irish TB.

    How will they catch them,?snare,cage.does this mean they will trap one hundred,one thousand ten thousand,very curious to know how its going to work.Personally I have only ever seen one sick badger in my life(Im a badger watcher!!)they appear to be very very healthy,I also think Brock is a scapegoat.Wicklow is over flowing with Deer they are a complete pest,Wicklow is also overflowing with TB.
  8. So who had the first of 2018 ????????

    No pics,the lens on the camera was not wide enough.
  9. So who had the first of 2018 ????????

    I was dug into the Misses at one minute past twelve,it lasted two minutes and I got a result(for me)am I in the final???
  10. A very happy New Year.

    You to Neil.
  11. New Season In France

    Over here that would be twelve pints of Guinness.
  12. Bert Gripton.

    Good game dark colored staffs had scary eyes,you could nearly see into there soul.
  13. Bert Gripton.

    His comment on a black roof in a dogs mouth was interesting,the old timers back in the sixtys told s the very same thing and funny enough it appeared to be true,any russell we had with a white roof was very soft.Them old boys really knew there stuff.No big monsters of dogs either.
  14. Wheatens

    Stop digging a hole,none of your statements are true.about Wheatons or trials.
  15. Cork Stuff

    You say you know you cannot slate a line on one dog,but you just did.If I gave or sold a dog to somebody and then they come on here telling everybody about its alleged faults,I would be inclined to think that man is a big woman's blouse.I have no connection to any Cork dogs.