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  1. Anyone who serves his country has my respect , i spent a time in the forces myself atb brian
  2. Its a pity that some people have to make moronic comments ,
  3. I respect Si Pittaway he is an ethical hunter and first class shot ,,the D/mail does not know what they are talking about mindless drivel imo i shall carry on being a VHTV surpporter atb brian
  4. Rabbit Shooting Lr.22 Essex

    Hi Nick did you find anybody local,i live in High easter and shoot fac air, rimfires, shotguns, and have several nv scopes and at 70 yrs young i am quite experienced!!!!!in shooting matters. atb brian
  5. Police Stop Play

  6. Hi Guys, has anybody on here used or seen a Night vision addon made by David Groves is it any good , has anybody a contact for him?!! atb brian
  7. Simon Pittaway

    Not met either Si or Davy, but both come across as straight, decent guys who have made a great contribution to airgunning , that they operate in a humane and ethical manner, i place a great deal on personal integrity, straight dealing, honesty imo both lads qualify for the latter. atb brian
  8. Been Out Again Tonight...

    Great shooting PP and report , I have sent you a pm atb brian
  9. Starlight Arrow Or Nitesite Eagle

    The latest nite-eye the N500 LR is a great piece of kit it has a range of 300 + yds, and yes i own and use one. its great value for under £500-00. atb brian
  10. Starlight Arrow

    Hi Froudy , there are delays on the arrow , the circuit boards have been found to be faulty and are having to be remade, the one to wait for is coming from Taclight the Nightmaster Atom addon probaly available from July . atb brian
  11. Hw 97

    Calibre and pics pls, some info does help!!!!!! regds brian
  12. Pitchblack

    Hi Andy, i have a PB nv unit on my hw100 .177 @11.5 fpe it looks different but for £350-00 , is great value,its dead clear, range is 150-yds+ its great for airgun/rimfire--.22Lr ..the maker Nic Wenham is very helpful too with info and help if needed. i think this NV is excellent for the money. atb Brian
  13. .20

    Hi HB , i use a daystate huntsman classic in .20, i use H&N FTT .20 pellets its very accurate and hits hard out to 40--50 yds. its my fav sub 12fpe pcp. atb brian
  14. TBH its as descibed by Stubby , its great for target shooting, but imo pretty well shot out of prey, Ben you need to try , stables, garden centres, large houses with big gardens with maybe a pigeon, grey squirrel problem, i put a simple ad in my church parish magazine and got lots of permissions from that simple ad. keep trying do not give up. good luck atb brian