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  1. A very polite rejection

    I currently have x15 permissions , 12 of them gained via an add in my local parish church magazine offering free pest control, listing the pests i control with my name and phone number. in the first week of this add being active i had gained x4 new shoots and still get regular phone calls, it does help of course i am local and have lived in the area for 40 + years so most people know me and landowners pass on my details. its about looking after your shoots, being polite, ethical & humane shooting, and in my case because i do a lot of NV shooting landowners let me know when they are on holiday and i pay a few more visits at night providing a bit of extra security cover its all part of my service and the landowners appreciate it some even try to pay me but i refuse stating , my add says its free pest control , i get the shooting permission you the landowner get the pests controlled thats the way it works !!! atb brian
  2. Please check out my youtube channel

    I have been a subscriber CH for quite a long time , i enjoy your no nonsense attitude and ethical shooting methods ,keep the vids coming!!!! atb Brian
  3. HW 100 KT .177`s accuracy .

    You can ask Phil ,but the answer is i have never actualy checked it as i only ever fill it when the pressure drops to below 150 bar which is not very often. i just seems to shoot for ever ,air arms 8.4 grain field pellets are its preffered brand, its very accurate though my max range is 40-50 yds in the right conditions. atb brian
  4. HW 100 KT .177`s accuracy .

    You cannot beat imo the hw100 Mark, i have 1 in .177 cal with the Dr Bob bottle conversion on it a 400cc bottle the amount of shots per refill is fantastic, i have used this pcp for at least 4 yrs now its taken loads of bunnies , tree rats, rats, wood pigeons , its a great Night vision gun with my Nite-Site NS-Wolf aboard, along with my .20 cal daystate huntsman classic these two airguns are my favourite pcp,s enjoy your hw100 its the BEST. atb brian
  5. Squirrel bashing

    well done Basher , great bag there, welcome to the forum , great gun the cricket i have one in .22 fac at 26 fpe a really good ambush gun. ,keep up the good work# atb brian
  6. New member from holland

    welcome to the forum Josef & your good lady , nice people the Dutch i have been over several times on my motorbike to the Dutch TT at Assen always made welcome, i shoot anything that goes bang but airguns are my No-1 love have a great time on here. ATVB Brian
  7. Something a bit different

    The .25 is good but for devastating try my fac .303 wolverine @100 fpe with 50.15 grain pellets it demolishes all before it, bunnies die of fright knowing what is on the way!!!!!! the downside is a very small shot count at full power, more practical is my fac airranger .22 cal at 38 fpe with bis mag pellets its a great combo. atb brian
  8. been a while!

    Well done Si ,rat shooting is great fun without a doubt!!!! atb brian
  9. hi ozzie has the photon 6.5 xt been sold?!!

    as I am looking for one

    atb brian

  10. Trail XQ50 Rabbit Shooting

    No Ian, he is just perfect in every way . in fact if your lucky he may show you how to be as perfect a shot as he is!!!!!! i am very envious of this gentlemans sniper like skills, only been shooting about 35 yrs so i surely need his special knowledge. keep up up the good work Ian!! atb Brian
  11. Good job I got my eyes tested

    A great read Mark. a few years back when the Nite site NS200 first came out i was out nv shooting bunnies with it, but could not see the bunnies the problem was cataracts on both of my eyes, had an eye test and was told needed an operation urgently on my right eye with the left one to be done later over, the next six months i had both eyes done once healed my eyesight improved 100% and now the bunnies are soon in the next world. atb brian
  12. Looking for permission

    i got most of my x15 shoots from a simple advert in my local church parish magazine, offering free pest control with a list of pests controlled , i do not to have to go knocking on doors. they ring me up and ask for help, x3 new permissions since the 1st of Jan shows the advert still works!!!!! atb brian
  13. I have had a great start to 2018 with x3 new permissions, that now brings me up to 15 permissions within a 20 mile radius of my home the biggest being 2,000 acre farm bunnies, tree rats, woodies, foxes, crows, to name a few. going to be a busy 2018!!! atb brian
  14. Very enjoyable day out

    i cannot bring myself to eat tree rats to me they are rats, i use them as bait for crows/magpies/ foxes . atb brian
  15. Finally. ....

    well done lads, been out twice recently, 6 bunnies on friday night and 5 bunnys on saturday night all with my fac airranger .22 @37fpe with a nite-site wolf nv on my mamba lite 3x12 x44 scope the airranger has a match grade barrel fitted and is deadly accurate out to 75yds. atb brian