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  1. Clothes

    Used to have a fair bit of Aquascutum, might have the odd shirt still, doubt it fits though.
  2. Mortgages

    Also equity can be the value of the house is higher tomorrow than it is worth today (the difference between the 2 is positive equity), negative equity is when its worth less.
  3. Black Dog Trading

    Good products, good company.
  4. A message from Gnasher.

    He's just saying what the rest of us thinking
  5. Porn.

    gonna swerve that, thanks all the same. Learnt my lesson with '2 girls 1 cup' & 'blue waffle'
  6. Clothes

    still are
  7. Mortgages

    A mortgage broker will do all the leg work with lenders for you to find you the best deal. Ive heard they can get you a better deal with your own bank than you can get yourself! So will save you a fair whack over the course of the loan! The 'set fee' of the broker might even be able to be added onto the mortgage. Thats how I understand it anyhow. Best of luck
  8. Clothes

    'kin 'el 125 nicker for a scarf
  9. Clothes

    Style..less !
  10. Clothes

    Im stuck in a bit of a timewarp clobber wise. 70's 80's classic stuff. Rare I get a chance to have a shop-up, but when im over in England & get part of a day to myself.. Like what I like and seems expensive when you compare to everyday prices, but I wear gear ive had for 10 - 15 years +, well washed out but kinda improves the look/feel. Last time was August in a massive shooping place in Sheffield. Lot of stuff not even worn yet. One place I always seem to luck in on something I wouldnt normally go for is TKMaxxx bit of a jumble & you need a bit of time but some good quality finds to be had. Got myself a big black Carhart winter coat, took me ages to get used to wearing it and had to wash it a fair bit for it feel right, we've become good friends lately, nearly unpicked the label as I like subtlely but ive gotten used to it. Stuff I buy over here is nearly always mail order from U.K. disadvantage is getting the size right Carhart I reckon could of gotten away with just an L and im 46" in the chest. Got one of my sons first converse hanging from the mirror in the car, bleached white by the sun.
  11. Weed ;)

  12. Weed ;)

    Do you put them in dry or lube up first?
  13. Weed ;)

    Had to check what forum im on just then! As it happens 'my friend' said that his best recent was og kush, although normally he has a preferrence for sativas.
  14. Fruit trees

    what tape do you use when grafting?
  15. Ive been digging in a big public (townie) park in the middle of a city as joggers and strollers walk by, no eyelids batted. Stopped for a bit to eat and people bid you 'bon apetit'. Then the mayor comes by with a couple of bottles of wine for us! This is a city bear in mind! Have dug and hunted with quite a few different village mayors, gendarmes etc. Yes, I concur France has a different mind set.