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  1. Pike fishing advise

    Thanks tilly . I went and got some reels today shimano 10000 they are a bit large but will do. . I also got some rig making gear wire trace crimps pliers etc. Letting the lad have a day off tomoz as I'm on weekends so hopefuly get him to land a pike too. Cheers.
  2. Pike fishing advise

    Thanks ks for the input guys. Well I've decided my bass rods will be perfect for the pike but the reels I've got are well and truly knackered. I've been looking at shimano bait runners but what size should I get? Also it will be dead bait fishing I have a major craft spinning rod that I've used for bass in the past it wouldn't have enough guts for the river where I'll be fishing but think it will be ok on some of the open waters. Do you guys make your own wire traces or buy them already made also what breaking strain should I use. Regards.
  3. Pike fishing advise

    I did look at these bud bud would it be buying cheap buy twice. I'm not saying I'm wanting to spend loads but I want something that's going to last.
  4. Hi guys wanting to start pike fishing what rod reels tackle would you suggest. Cheers
  5. As above minelab explorer xs it's in well used condition plenty of scratches and dinks but built like a tank and working perfectly It has a rain cover included and comes with a normal battery holder. And a lithium battery for a little extra but this will need a charger £20 from eBay the lithium and charger was £100 new I just can't find the charger. This is pick up only and wanting £200 which is a bargain.
  6. Tweaky Regged Aas200

    Forgot to add I can add cash for the right deal. Atb
  7. Fancy a change so here up for shops is my 1.77 tweaky regged s200 mk2 but with a mk3 stock. It has 4 x 10 shot mags the gun shoots spot on altho it does need a loading bolt seal which has never bothered me The gun shoots perfectly as you would expect from a regged gun. I'm wanting to swop with something with a higher shot count No bsa super 10s tho I can email pics on request. Thanks for looking,
  8. Gun Mounted Lamp Advice

    Brilliant thanks Jimmy I'll have a look at them now,
  9. Not done lamping with a air rifle for years I had a old deben tracer back then. Wanted something that's going to last 3/4 and not break the bank. Cheers,
  10. Hi From Ni

    Welcome to the site enjoy.
  11. Old Time Ravers Lol

    Mark eg and mzone back to back God miss the disco buisut years.
  12. Anyone need a hand when they go ferreting around the dales area Happy to help out days off work. Cheers.
  13. Mackerel Fishing

    Local news tonight arry from goodrington to torquay shoals of mackeral beached Free bait without a rod lol. I agree with hopes nose tho I just go down long quarry now fed up with the tinsel chuckers when I'm targeting the hounds,
  14. Mackerel Fishing

    I had loads in March and then it went very quiet. I here there's loads about now down the usual spotsuspects hopes nose berry head etc. . I'll be down for a weeks bass fishing in November. If you want to tag along I'll be taking the kayak down the south hams a few days weather permitting.
  15. Mackerel Fishing

    Yes it sort of burns there skin. . When we go bass fishing and use mackeral for live bait you have to be so careful not to touch the mackeral or it leaves burn marks and the bass won't touch them.