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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. Frog

    Not a very sharp picture but it didn't hang about

    It probably is either because some of the practice partners are not in favour of shooting or its a policy to avoid the situation where they could be connected with someone they've endorsed doing something wrong that could reflect on the surgery. As the days when a certificate application had to be endorsed by someone of "standing " like a doctor,lawyer,priest or teacher are long gone its not a big deal. As for medical endorsement ;its up to the police to request it if they feel a need. You just have to put the name of the surgery on the application.
  3. First Attempt At Brain Tanning

    Well after over two months of sloshing ,topping-up the tub and a final bath in the full-strength solution I had two bits of slimey oak-tanned leather. Clearly my technique wasn't perfect as there are some weird marks on the leather and I had to get the Bic razor out to shave-off a few hairs but after a wash and brush-up it looked like a passable result for a first attempt. After an evening punching holes with a nail and a bit of "bloke"sewing I ended-up with this. Not a work of art but functional.
  4. Pellet lube

    Thanks for that pianoman. I suppose I was wondering if pellet lube was a hyped accessory or really worthwhile. Typical of me my introduction to it was with JSB Jumbo Heavies; a pellet that clearly hates lube!
  5. Pellet lube

    I've always liked Accupell ( I didn't realise know they came pre-lubed)but they won't fit in my new rifle. The HW97k I used to own worked well with both Accupell and cheap old soft Milbros
  6. I've been playing around with a few different pellets in my rifle thanks to my Son in Law who shoots in Field Target competitions and let me try a few of his favourite brands. We finally settled on a pellet that suited my rifle so well that even a four-eyed old gentleman like myself found himself knocking out the odd passable group. Then out of interest we tried a bit of Napier Pellet Lube and the groups went to pot. Has anyone else tried the stuff and what were the results?
  7. Kings of Dorking

    Scrabbling about in a drawer I came across this in old catalogue . Kings used to be "The" place to go and spawned many tales derring-do.
  8. Bert Gripton.

    Drabble had opinions and wasn't afraid to voice them but was no anti. His 1964 book "Of Pedigree Unknown" ,should be read by anyone who thinks Brian Plummer's work , "Tales of a Rat-hunting Man", was in any way original.
  9. That's an interesting site from a rather interesting character
  10. 410 shooting high

    I had a folding .410 that shot about six inches high. The exterior of the barrel seemed straight . Like most .410s it was full-choked to screw an extra few yards of pattern out of a bore -size that wasn't originally intended for long-range work .Which meant that at the short-range stuff that .410s should excell at like bolting bunnies at five yards and sitting pheasants(er, I mean pigeons)at ten yards I not only had a poor spread of shot to deal with but also to compensate for the thing not shooting straight in the first place. The gun was only worth £20 at most so I decided on drastic action and sawed the barrel off behind the choke.In fact by the time I'd finished the barrel it was less than half an inch over the legal minimum length Lo and behold I had a cylinder bored .410 that I could hit things with.
  11. View From Your Swim

    Snatched an hour this afternoon on the local mill-stream. A very picturesque swim from this angle with water flowing over the sill under a bridge into a bubbling pool and away through a ravine. Then again appearances can be deceptive But I did catch one though!
  12. If only they could talk.

    Hard to say ,the sod won't keep still but somewhere between 22 and 23 inches
  13. If only they could talk.

    His mum was a farm collie and his dad was a stray lurcher. I knew he'd turn out looking like two dogs welded together when I got him because the very well-spoken farm lady pointed to a brown mongrel and said " That's what he'll look like when he's bigger. In fact that's his older brother. The same xxxxxxing lurcher got my xxxxxxxing collie last year!"
  14. My dog and favourite jill had arranged a couple of hour's work today and asked me along to carry the spade and box.
  15. First Attempt At Brain Tanning

    You are right but as I'm an incurable fiddler I tend to sloosh it about and turn the skins over everyday. It's all a bit seat of the pants using the most basic instructions I could find; but interesting as the tanning liquid really does get paler as the skin absorbs the tannin from it. I started with a very weak bath before transfering the skins to a slightly stronger one and I've already had to add some more solution to keep the colour up. This could be an on-going thread as apparently it could take weeks of topping-up and a final full strength bath for the tan to reach the centre of the skin. That's if a certain elderly black lurcher bitch doesn't decide to curtail the experiment!