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    At present all my spare time is taken-up making a full sized mole suit using real moleskins. When finished I shall wear it to mole fetish clubs and on my nights off simply wear it while chilling out to my collection of old Velvet Underground albums.

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  1. comanche

    Re-crowning a muzzle

    It shoots "acceptably"by some folks' standards but it used to be a finger-nail grouper. I can't do much about my aging eyes but cleaning-up that crown would at least remove one of my excuses for missing :)
  2. comanche

    Re-crowning a muzzle

    The bore is good and though I don't have access to or the knowledge of using a lathe I've found a local gunsmith who like you seems to think its no big deal. Thank you for your replies Underdog. I might post an "after" picture. Bit of a warning for those who believe the advice that .22 rimfires don't need cleaning!
  3. comanche

    Re-crowning a muzzle

    Thanks for the reply . As you can see its probably beyond freshening-up with grinding paste and a ball-bearing. I'm annoyed as I usually remove the moderator if the rifle isn't in regular use and give both barrel and mod a clean if accuracy drops -off. The rifle is 35 years old and its only in the last year I've noticed the degredation creeping up. What's worse;I think it's my fault as I had inadvertedly put one of the baffles in the mod in backwards and I reckon it may have caused debris to gather in the expansion chamber. Either that or Eley are loading acid in their cartridges! .
  4. Can anyone tell me roughly what it would cost to have the muzzle of my BRNO .22 re-crowned? I would rather just have the end re-profiled than have any length taken off.
  5. comanche


    Wild Food by Roger Phillips is good. Some of the recipes are a bit fancy but at least you know what's edible or can be made into drinks. It's particuarly useful because it tells you what is in season month by month and has good photograghs.
  6. comanche

    Butcher block.

    Or if you know a tree surgeon get them to save you a lump of sycamore .It was commonly used as butcher's blocks as it can be a b*gger to split when seasoned.
  7. As the finder of an item on private land you have a right to remove it but must keep it safe and take reasonable steps to return it to the owner. Reasonable steps would probably be the leaving of a contact note (as you have done) and informing the police that you have some "lost property". Informing the police of the circumstances covers you against any insinuation of theft and also gives you the chance of being allowed to keep or dispose of the property if it is not claimed in a certain time. I think it's a month for small items. The actual owner of the land has a precident for claiming ownership over your claim as you were effectively acting on his instructions .
  8. comanche

    Countryside March 1998

    Having seen Ronnie Laine's song the Poacher aired above reminded me of a couple of other songs I'm a techno numpty so could someone put up the you tube thingies of Show of Hands songs "Longdog"and "Country life"
  9. comanche

    Countryside March 1998

    I went on them all too. I was even interveiwed for a radio-station but can't remember what I said,something like " If we were a bunch of Red Indians (OK, very un-PC but I was caught off-guard) having our culture destroyed we'd have the world on our side but because we were law-abiding Britons if the Government had its way we'd probably end up on a reservation." A mate went up to one of the marches early in the morning on his motor-bike and found a neat back street mews to park in. Or so he thought; turned out when he went back for his bike the place had turned into a police command centre! Then there was the mounted police charge which didn't work very well because hunting people are not scared of horses. There are "rumours" that some folk had even decided that a police horse might make a good trophy and acted accordingly. Generally;a waste of time. By the time the Government announces or leaks anything the deal has quite often been done.
  10. comanche

    Wild boar

    I think people get confused with bacon which obviously has a massive salt content. Pork is fine especially if its farm fresh but only feed enough for them to clear-up quickly and don't let them store it in the nest box for too long because pork has a reputation for going "off" quickly. I would avoid supermarket pork for this reason as it may not be very fresh. One thing to be careful of when handling raw boar meat is trichinosis . I guess it can infect ferrets just as it infects other animals including humans!
  11. comanche


    Not a very sharp picture but it didn't hang about
  12. comanche


    It probably is either because some of the practice partners are not in favour of shooting or its a policy to avoid the situation where they could be connected with someone they've endorsed doing something wrong that could reflect on the surgery. As the days when a certificate application had to be endorsed by someone of "standing " like a doctor,lawyer,priest or teacher are long gone its not a big deal. As for medical endorsement ;its up to the police to request it if they feel a need. You just have to put the name of the surgery on the application.
  13. comanche

    First Attempt At Brain Tanning

    Well after over two months of sloshing ,topping-up the tub and a final bath in the full-strength solution I had two bits of slimey oak-tanned leather. Clearly my technique wasn't perfect as there are some weird marks on the leather and I had to get the Bic razor out to shave-off a few hairs but after a wash and brush-up it looked like a passable result for a first attempt. After an evening punching holes with a nail and a bit of "bloke"sewing I ended-up with this. Not a work of art but functional.
  14. comanche

    Pellet lube

    Thanks for that pianoman. I suppose I was wondering if pellet lube was a hyped accessory or really worthwhile. Typical of me my introduction to it was with JSB Jumbo Heavies; a pellet that clearly hates lube!
  15. comanche

    Pellet lube

    I've always liked Accupell ( I didn't realise know they came pre-lubed)but they won't fit in my new rifle. The HW97k I used to own worked well with both Accupell and cheap old soft Milbros