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  1. Dog running off??

    Cheers lads. He is good on the recall I think it was just scent as you say because I noticed a fox run and after me doing a tartan through gorse and bramble he ended up coming out using that run I had spotted earlier. I'll just relax a bit more next time and make sure I'm not leaving walks too late before dark. So the dog came back to your smell on the jacket? My mate lost his dog Christmas eve when we were kids, out ferreting. He left his jacket as you did and he went back Christmas day to find her curled up sleeping on it.
  2. Dog running off??

    Thanks for your input guys. Was more the fear of loosing him in the night. He's so dark I loose him in the day as you can't see his features lol. I'll try and not panic next time, with the nights drawing out will be a bit easier and learn to trust him and work on recall when the seasons out.
  3. Dog running off??

    The dogs are out every day, and they don't want for nothing. I got given two old school collars for by arry on here which works with my knocker box so I'll start putting them on them from now. Bet its a nightmare finding your dog if it's gone to ground by itself, especially if your not aware there's an earth there? Always new ones popping up, you think you know where all of them are then suddenly a few more are suddenly dug. I'll keep working with him, just don't want every time out to turn into an embassy siege getting him back lol.
  4. Dog running off??

    Terry what do you recommend in terms of basic training. Going to just calm it down. A bit the next few putting.
  5. Dog running off??

    As I say I'm new to dogs really so, just my main worry is loosing him or him not coming back, where the lakey will come back when. Called. The Patterdale comes back in fairness but the moment he gets in the mode he's off. Its all new to him too as I say it's like a switch flipped and he's in the cover now non stop. Maybe I'll go to where there is smaller patches of cover and I can keep an eye out easily as opposed to thick woods where you can't see feck all. I'd have to run after him, stop a second and listen for the rustling and run a bit more, but when I got sight of him eventually he was nose down and really going for it. Maybe it'd normal, just after loosing my terrier pup a few months back to being run over, I'm airing on the side of caution now.
  6. Dog running off??

    Hiya guys. So I've got a Patterdale and a lakey. Still new to dogs so looking for advice. About two weeks ago my Patterdale ran off by a fence pacing up and down and I noticed he had seen a rabbit. He got under the fence and was away in brambles and I had to eventually tie the lakey to a tree and wade in after the Patterdale as he was long gone. So since that he has gone from not bushing or showing interest, to straight into bushes working them and no matter how thick the cover. Happy days. So this afternoon me and missus walked the dogs, put them in a woodblock and off they went working away, through cover on the runs of scent etc. We'll as the light was dimming I thought get em on the leads, I passed the lakey over the fence to my missus, then the pat came over and off he went nose to the ground. I started calling and nothing, not even hear him. Long story short he was off on his way, long gone, and I spent ten minutes chasing him through cover, up and down hills of gorse trying to get to him before the light slipped away. I eventually got him, some how. I want to nip this in the bud any ideas? My missus is saying electric collar, I'm debating a tracker for his collar incase. He's a lovely dog but it's like since he saw that rabbit the last two of three walks he done a runner.
  7. Pups first rats

    Thanks Jerry and for the pm. I was a bit concerned as she looked quite bloated past two days but my missus just called and said the bitch had had a massive crap and she looks her normal proportions again. I will be alot more vigilant next time getting the rats from her. The Patterdale as no problem eating anything.
  8. Pups first rats

    They were young rats we bolted a few out from different areas. I did wonder myself if it was a vole when we had the first one but definitely rats. I shall see about going over with a lamp the farmer did offer me the option funnily enough. Is it normal to work terriers on the lamp aswell lads on rats? Sorry if it sounds a daft one, I know next to nothing I'm a complete novice with terriers.
  9. Pups first rats

    Lol alright Bob. It is coming along slowly when I'm not in work. My old man just got home today after having his cancer op so can't do abit more on it. For your boy isnt it?
  10. Pups first rats

    Cheers guys. As I say I'm new to the dog side of it so they're teaching me. I've always just ferreted really but I decided best to leave what little rabbits are left around here. Just do a bit of pheasant bashing in the winter now and my new focus is the dogs. I'll just keep looking for bits of ground for the time being, I'm always out with these pair but took a while getting them going. However have had good time bonding with them and making sure they're happy pups. Not a bag of 100 rats but it may aswell be as I'm over the moon having got them at 10 weeks and now seeing them get their first kills.
  11. Hiya lads. As stated previously I'm new to terriers and lost my young one to being run over a few months back. I now have a Patterdale pup I saved and a lakeland I got as a small pup. Patterdale is about a year now and my lakey about 8 months. Rabbits are non existent here. Got a permission on a chicken farm before Xmas and had no luck. Went back yesterday, bolted 4 rats and caught two. Was great seeing the dogs going and my first go with the rats. I'm learning alot from them. Here is a photo but the little girl ate the first one before I could get it from her. I thought the farm would be dead again being only four weeks since I last went but they have obviously been breeding. So this is my first successful day it with terriers. Not alot to some on here, but I am very pleased.
  12. Squirrel snaring

    Childhood dreams ruined. I thought the trout tickling was legit haha.
  13. Terrier bloat

    I've heard chicken bones are dangerous or is that only cooked? He had his nuts off about three weeks ago so he had a check up and he was OK, he has another check in a week's time so il Lee how he goes. I've gave him lactose free puppy milk to try and add a bit more back on him. That ks for the advice guys I'm new to dogs I've always ferrets or uses rifles over the years so I'm learning.
  14. Terrier bloat

    I've had him on this because anything else was running straight through him but might just be down to the poor condition he was in. Any suspicions what the weight loss may be? I'll give these ideas a go thank you lads. If my dogs are happy I'm happy.
  15. Terrier bloat

    He's on James wellbeloved but he has definitely lost weight and suddenly started scoffing. To be fair it was a shit home he came from, he couldn't even walk properly when I got him, a right sorry state. He's a lovely dog so hate to see him causing himself problems by being a pig. It's not like he has to compete for food here.