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  1. Absolutely Heartbroken

    i dropped Dave a message so hopefully sort something out. Nice to see some tidy people left about.
  2. Absolutely Heartbroken

    Dave i will pm you.
  3. Fed Up

    How do you mean?
  4. Fenn /springer

    Fourteen acre i got mine, bloke is helpful aswell.
  5. Fed Up

    Arry i missed your call i will call you tonight after work. There's a few farms I'm going to knock where there are rabbits. Are they more likely to sit in cover when its still thick? When i was you get never had a dog, just net up random holes and would always have one or two. Do hope the rabbits come out the other end and it doesn't wipe them out.
  6. Fed Up

    Loons like its not just me struggling then. Arry i got another pup but she is only 12 weeks so obviously take time bringing her on. I will happily come along when it gets colder. There's a few pockets i know in Brecon but no answer when knocked the farmer. Will get again. Used to get a fair few as a kid now nothing. See lads up north with bags of thirty and forty, don't k ow how lucky they are lol.
  7. Fed Up

    Literally not bolted anything this season so far, and last year didn't bolt a thing either. Rabbits are thin on the ground down here in south wales. Wondering if there's any point me keeping ferrets Any more. When i was a kid would always bolt a few but its just ridiculous now.
  8. Earthdog/runningdog Mags

    Can you post a couple of these mate?
  9. Choked On Collar.

    Sorry to hear this mate. I feel your pain i lost mine not even two days ago be it different circumstances. It's a crappy feeling. Looks like she had some good work over her three years.
  10. Absolutely Heartbroken

    I think regarding the not killing anything it was just me being upset having had him die in my arms and just the feeling of jacking it all in. Arry reminded me of what a good life i had give him and that this should be my focus, and not to givr up on it all as that's the lifestyle that we all thrive on. This is a first for me and at 28 probably the worst experience I've ever had directly to me. Thanks for all your input blokes, the next one will be as spoilt as Ozzy was that's one thing i know for sure.
  11. Absolutely Heartbroken

    I wasn't after any particular work. He had just started to mark earths, go in bushes and i planned to try on the odd fox if i ever had the chance. He was my first ever dog so was happy just being out with him walking the hills and learning from him. He was a Lakeland cross patterdale. I have found a pup i am looking at tonight as i cant stick going home to an empty house and i need a positive focus. Arry off here is a top bloke, called me thismorning and had a chat with me which was lifting. If he ever invites you down take him uo he's a proper gentleman with a wealth of experience.
  12. Absolutely Heartbroken

    I contacted the breeder and he said he's gutted for us. I asked if he ever breeds again to let me know as there's not many people breeding workers around here. I will be getting a gate fitted properly, left such a hole in my heart.
  13. Absolutely Heartbroken

    He was such a cracker. I feel like just packing the whole thing in. I am completely new to the dog game and it was lovely seeing im grow and come along. I've hunted since i was a kid but i just feel like after having him die in my arms how could i kill something now. House was empty thismorning when woke up, not a sound. He was from a good line from a man in wales and i dont know where to even go from here, which is the way forward.
  14. I'm in bits lads. Got home from work last night, dog was jumping about happy to see me. I said to my missus shall i cut some wood for the fire and take the dog out with me for a wee. He was running around the garden playing with acorns chasing me about. Few kids were down by the main road and he saw them, bolted after them down to the road. I ran down trying o grab him, asked the one lad grab him if he comes past. He started running about the road trying to ply, i tried everything to get him over to me. He went by the side of my car and as he did a mini bus came up, i waved her down and she slowed almost to a stop and as she did he stepped out and his neck went under the back wheel. I got him out and he died in my arms. I had to walk to the house with him wrapped in my hoody. My missus thought i was winding her up at first. We are both in bits. How could this have happened just like that. Will never forgive myself, loved him with all my heart. My first terrier only 7 months old.
  15. Abortion

    As somebody who's been through it with my missus, what a thing to ask.