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  1. Shooting sticks

    I bought a book. To which I'm a complete novice. Shooting sticks. I've been making for years.
  2. Shooting sticks

    Not telling 😂 Walshie. I will make you a pair. Carbon fibre. All stainless steel fixings. Pick them up when your passing 👍
  3. Picked up an R10 that was suffering after a diy probe repair. Stripped threads in the brass Reg body and a hole drilled through the top of the breach oh. And this I will say no more!
  4. Tuning

    Welcome to the forum. Yes it's possible to home tune any air rifle. You will need to elaborate on what you mean by tuning? Whats up?
  5. Air pistol hunting

    Well put eastcoast
  6. Shooting sticks

    Yes. He was flush after selling something.........
  7. I shoot a .25 Vulcan running at 50 ft/lb. same pellets as phil above. Stupidly accurate but because it's a bullpup type the action is so close to your ear it's deafening. No cheek piece rest either. Very compact and handy for shooting out of the motor.
  8. Shooting sticks

    Wow. I'm speechless
  9. Shooting sticks

    What. To give Del his book back? Bit excessive. You could just post it.
  10. Shooting sticks

    He told me he's getting fed up with your pestering on the phone at all hours. And that if he saw you it would be firmly rammed where the sun don't shine. Bang out of order if you ask me Del
  11. Shooting sticks

    I'm only repeating what Del said
  12. NV holdover

    10 scopes!! Look at you go. Billy big balls! I'm looking at the ward as a contender for an ad on. Whats the difference and benefits between the pulsar Dfa's and the wards. And which models? Cheers
  13. bluetooth question

    Lol. I won't make any tight Scotsman remarks 😂
  14. Shooting sticks

    What? Like a reloading book that's floating about
  15. bluetooth question

    You can get wifi or network enabled speakers. Such as sonos for example. But expect to pay for them