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  1. Need A New Lamp

    How long has he started opening up.
  2. Need A New Lamp

    Spot on Mikey.its surprising how long the battery will last you using the dimmer.i slip the dog with the dimmer turned right down and only turn it up as he's nearly there.as long as the ground ain't to rough.im off out for a shine in a bit.decent breeze here now.
  3. Need A New Lamp

    What do you think of the 170 mikey
  4. Getting fed up

    Bunnys still everywhere where you were based ken.ive moved 20 miles from the base now.and I've only seen 1 rabbit all season.there's a few big rabbits around here so the bull x has got to get a push on lol.
  5. My new gang

    Lol I totally agree if he mentions ghillie suit he's having a slap across the back of the head.
  6. My new gang

    Can't fault seeing the youngsters out doing a bit kev. My lad went over the woods this morning with his air rifle at 10 he came back at 12 with 1 squirrel had a drink and went back over the woods he returned at dusk with 3 more.thats the ferret food sorted for a while. Keep them young lads busy kev 👍
  7. Getting fed up

    I could go to a small field maybe 1/2 an acre with the lamp tonight and you would see upwards of 70 rabbits on there.its like a field of eyes.
  8. Getting fed up

    And the mail are saying the opposite to lads that hunt the rabbit. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/04/running-wild-the-disease-resistant-rabbits-ruining-farmers-crops/amp/
  9. Porn.

    Them girls must be walking around smelling of shit
  10. Half cross bull greyhound

    You can't even see it can you ginger.you are an arse licker. I thought you said you were leaving this site.
  11. Half cross bull greyhound

    You didn't seem to do much serious soul searching when you wanted a pup off shaddy. I would call it arse licking.
  12. Need A New Lamp

    The led are ok for a quick shine.but I found that they seem to over power the eye shine on bunnys.and the whiteness does my head in lol.
  13. Need A New Lamp

    Spot on You won' go wrong with that set up mike. We just need some wind and cloud cover now lol.
  14. Need A New Lamp

    I bought a deben 10ah off a lad on here mike.it last a good few nights out as I use the dimmer a lot.only using the full power when the dog is a good way from me.
  15. Need A New Lamp

    I bought a 170 variable off here Mikey worked out about £60 to the door. Someone put the link up before here it is.they got a sale on.it was delivered next day. I couldn't lamp without a variable again. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/page/1/?s=Tracer&post_type=product&type_aws=true#038;post_type=product&type_aws=true