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  1. My dog who I had high hopes for this season won't go to ground.and I'm to big to fit in the earth so that's me out of the running. But don't you think you are a bit harsh giving the lurcher a black eye for not catching Neil lol.
  2. teaching jumping

    Dogs especially pups do copy a hell of a lot off each other.including bad habits. Do some jumping work over a small hedgerow black thorn etc.were she can't get a solid base for her back legs.and she won't be able to scramble up a hedge. She will soon realise that clearing and obstacle is the way to go.
  3. just nipped around corner shop

    The best thing for them young pissed lads is a mole tumped 2 hit cone through the bong. Only 1 bong each they will need before they have a massive whitey and spew like feck lol.
  4. Gutted

    sorry to hear this shit news mate.i lost a young bitch a few yrs ago the same way.
  5. Working dogs

    loads of lads don't want the flack mate.
  6. Working dogs

    What pics has northenlite put up Tommy.of him catching hares in the snow lol.
  7. Friend searching for a working dog

    No point asking on here. Everyone else here is looking for a working lurcher.
  8. Working dogs

    Now can you see why no one posts anything on thl nl 😂😂😂
  9. Working dogs

  10. Working dogs

    Rabbits numbers have fallen dramatically in the UK. We can only hunt rat and rabbit within the law. Maybe lads must be getting bored of putting posts on about them. when they are only catching a few here and there. And the amount of abuse they get and put downs. You can't really blame lads for not posting. I remember a cracking thread on the terriet section were 1 of the members caught nearly 1000 rats with a pack of terriers.it was a good write up with pics Aswell. And yes you guessed it lads saying it's not a true test for a terrier blah blah blah. It's easier and less stress full not starting threads. And instead. Just say nice dog how's it bred etc.
  11. Working dogs

    Most people don't want to put pics of there dogs on daily and tell people about every outing they have. You do feel the need to do the above and that's upto you. But most don't.
  12. Sad muppets on facebook

    if you go on facebook please don't ramble on about the pathetic shit that is on there. its your own fault for reading utter shit.
  13. Hunting Ban Repeal

    Im more surprised that people still believe what they say.
  14. Hunting Ban Repeal

    Don't be drawn in by listening to what ever they say. And please don't believe what they say.
  15. Paedo Protector Perishes

    They knocked down a few churches and chapels in the village I was brought up in. They need to knock the rest down. The dirty paedophile feckers need burning every single 1. So what's the people thinking going to church every Sunday. Have they accepted that the church is full of pedos and turn a blind eye ? If that's what they are thinking then you can clearly see the power of the mass brain washing thats gone on. If I was a keen church going person.i would be totally embarrassed to admit it. And the reason being. It's a paedophile run establishment.and saying you are part of that establishment is embarrassing to say the least.