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  1. judge rinders outa job top man
  2. lots big drawing dogs dont like deep holes or not knowing whats waiting plenty people got dogs outa them shit ones but on top excel not mentioning any names but the majority know who they are,kidding people is one thing but kidding yes elf is another
  3. sometimes its been dug up to where it was too tight for terrier,then u see if ye 60lb dog has balls of steel or not 9 outa ten not really lol
  4. depends who owns it plenty blow smoke up their own dogs arse looooool
  5. wow the legendary bullx saga pmsl
  6. I miss the old days

    f**k me wow thats entertainment
  7. pmsl w,ketchum,lee u 2 remind me of school bullys
  8. if u was in know u would know u wouldn't b asking but theres plenty people who know who he is
  9. good old maurice bred some
  10. pmsl gotta keep thread going
  11. pmsl didn't ed reid have big in put into some these super lurchers
  12. never a truer word said,the game has changed dramatically for the youngdogmen
  13. Bivvy Partner

    ifs pervert lol
  14. Unusual Roadkill.

    id fuckn shoot em on my roof all day long noisy fuckers
  15. 50 /50 no matter how many times ye try it mongols its maths