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    if that deer hadnt made the water it looked in a lot of trouble
  2. Cocker Spaniels

    get it mad keen on dummys/retrieving and also get it 100% on the stop/sit whistle, dont rush to introduce it to game to early but let it be a pup until around 6 months then instal some discipline
  3. Took The Sprocker Pup Out Today

    belting pup mate, i have a cocker around the same age also have a 12 month old one.
  4. BASC Game Fair Cardross Estate

    looks a well attended show! was at it a few years ago, had a good day
  5. Jack russel dog

    yeah took him up the farm and let him run round the yard while i butchered a calf, great with sheep , but dont think hes seen cattle before!!!! mooched a bit came back when i called him alls good,got him home wouldnt touch the dry food, wouldnt touch the fresh beef, but smashed a bowl of restaurant left overs so hes happy now , but making a bit of noise since hes gone in the kennel!! all thats left is for him him to earn his kennel space fingers crossed!!! but the mush was told about that!!! cracking looking dog but we all no looks dont make a dog!! here he is this afternoon, cheers L keep in touch, ps keep ya f*****g chin up tidy dog that mate, any rushill in it?
  6. Final

    whens the final now lads and whos in it?
  7. forgot to add, dont feed them a day or two before shoot day, get them hungry and looking for the food where it normally is
  8. try having the hoppers empty the week of the shoot and hand feed the birds around the areas you want them to hold, this stops them coming in and gotrging on food and then leaving again, we have had very similar results to you on our little shoot, we tried the above last weekend and doubled our previous bag?
  9. Hind stalking Inverness area

    could do for an hour and a half further north in Caithness, not sure of inverness though?
  10. Cocker Spaniel Training

    try http://www.gundogtrainingforum.co.uk/
  11. salmon run

    very nice Zap, well done, its very hard to capture them in mid air!
  12. Cracking flight this morning

    well done Mally, great write up and a great morning to boot by the sounds of it (jealous)
  13. had my first shine of the season last night, the stock had finally been taken off the fields earlier this week, although half of it still had cows and sheep on and the farmer doesnt want us lamping with stock in them, so only managed a couple of parks, still a nice easy shift for the dogs despite it being ideal conditions last night, there wasnt much about, the dogs ran well and only missed a couple, had work at 4:30 this morning so only an hour out. it was nice to meet you david, i was surprised being a taff that you left them sheep alone!! see you next week
  14. In pup?

    average season for a bitch is 3 weeks, just because you lined her, doesnt mean she will come out of season the next day
  15. barbour berwick endurance jacket/trousers

    jacket sold, trousers £40 posted....