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  1. Marshall

    Pup looks like it's going to be a powerfull animal good shape to him already has bitch come back ok. Atb taffey
  2. Someone Missing

    They still got them lads
  3. Marshall

    Nice pup that FairPlay should have a chance with that breeding got a Romeo bred dog here he doing ok atb taffey
  4. Sundays Trip Out.

    Brilliant day there lads dogs must ave ran well and plenty of work for you lot setting purse nets
  5. Dog Pup

    Be nice pup that is it same pearl that bulldozer had litter too wales way the bitch ?
  6. 100Yard Long Nets Quick Sett

    Nelson of here makes them any they do the job no probs at taffey
  7. Kennel Material Advice

    Top quality set up is that FairPlay be cosy in there after a days graft atb taffey
  8. Boss Update, Staghound Pup

    Cracking looking young dog is that. Looks like it ll be fast and powerfull and do what he bred to do Atb taffey
  9. Lurchers Lost

    Scar may have faded a bit but will still be quite visible I'd ave thought fingers crossed for safe return atb taffey
  10. Lurchers Lost

    Never worked try again
  11. Lurchers Lost

    Hope ya don't mind me putting pic up of young bitch a bit more recent than one on already I got litter bro to it hope he gets them back he a good lad
  12. Lovely shots them plenty variety threre stoat my fav Atb taffey
  13. Long Eared Owl

    Couple pics of young owls hopefully fledged now
  14. Bird Of Prey Taken In May

    Yer lovely to see the owls 🦉
  15. Yer all good and healthy 👍