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  1. No Hunting with dogs vote

    Democracy is a too simple way to describe the UK system of government. It is a mix of constitutional monarchy and sort of representative democracy skewed by the party system. As far as I can understand it, the antis have a class warfare thing about mounted packs, but the very large majority of the electorate don't give a flying about hunting with dogs and become very much for killing wildlife the moment deer get in the veg garden or squirrel gets in the roof. Our system of government is a very long way from perfect and has been corrupted in many ways by those seeking power over the millennia, but it is a better and more sophisticated tool than direct democracy "tyranny of the majority", which only works when a clear yes/no answer is needed, as in membership of the eu. The hunting with dogs bill was introduced to parliament under dubious circumstances (donations to political parties and mps' personal political convictions) and became law in an unconstitutional and highly unusual way (parliament act), which is why it should be reviewed. Whether or not the political will to do something about this abuse of the legislative system will ever come about is another matter....
  2. No Hunting with dogs vote

    I see it more as an example of an interest group (antis) finding common ground with politicians and manipulating the legislative system to the fullest extent (and beyond imo) of the bounds of the constitution. A bad thing regardless of the interest group. There wasn't much representing the will of the people going on, only those with skin in the game had genuine interest in the matter, anything else was a knee jerk reaction for the media or 'surveys'. I have no love for the aristocracy, but the alternative of a house of commons with fewer constraints on its law making is a worrying prospect, they create far too many pointless and stupid laws as it is.
  3. No Hunting with dogs vote

    Kind of... the house of commons voted for an outright ban, but the house of lords kept refusing to sign off the law. Normally in this situation it would have failed to become law, but the then speaker Michael Martin took the exceptionally unusual step of invoking the parliament act (which was really created to push through difficult laws in time of war), which forced the ban into law. The house of lords and the law courts are part of a system of 'checks and balances' to stop the house of commons making up whatever laws they like. bbc brief history hunting act
  4. Crypto currencies

    The security aspect and the idea of being able to store wealth outside of the fractional reserve banking system, out of reach from the grasping hands of government, are great. However, I would be concerned about being able to buy goods or services with or cash out bitcoin > £sterling.
  5. Dog aggression

    I've employed Jim Greenwood when I was struggling with mine and his help was invaluable. I recently saw a friends large bedlington / greyhound that was dog aggressive come good, so it is possible.
  6. Bullx suitability

    Are you going to be living in the camper van in an enclosed yard, or stopping in lay bys etc? If it's not an enclosed area, the dog is going to end up outside on a chain a lot of the time. Might be doable for a while, but not ideal.
  7. Butchers

    One near here does well. Family business with their own on site abattoir, so people from the villages prefer to use them because they know the lamb, beef and most of the pork is locally grown. They are also close enough to the motorway that the people from the nearby culturally enriched urban centres come to buy from the continental department of the butchers. They also run some fridge vans doing home deliveries and catering supplies. Their staff are excellent and must be well looked after to do the long hours and good customer service. There was also a one man butchers 3 villages away until he retired a few years back. He worked crazy hours, buying at London meat market before opening the shop, but did well in a village with a cr@p post office and pub that you would have to make a special trip to visit. When he packed up, someone else took on the little shop to run as a deli type shop, but not sure that they are doing that well. I think you need an area with affluent people that have time on their hands.
  8. Need A New Lamp

    Mine's a 26" saluki type. She's the best I've ever had at finding daytime rabbits and birds in cover. Probably not what the breeder had in mind for that cross and doesn't catch that much, but all good fun
  9. Need A New Lamp

    Cheers, might give the tracer a go. Seeing the dog miss bunnies she could easily catch because her nose is on the ground is annoying. A mate has a mostly whip / grey that started off a nightmare on the lamp first season, yapping and a rather hard mouth, she seems to have grown out of it this year and catching well.
  10. Need A New Lamp

    Can you get a really tight spot with the variable tracer? I've always stuck with the clulite blazerlite because it's compact and reliable, but am having trouble getting mine to use eyes not nose on the lamp. Thought a really focused spot might help her to learn.
  11. Where are the general public best off buying venison? Don't have the time / inclination to be hunting them myself but would like the occasional munty for the freezer.
  12. Lump On Leg

    Thanks FD, I think it'll be ok. The lump hasn't changed, so not too worried about it. Strangely enough, I had a similar lump to the side of my spine that the chiropractor spotted. He broke it down with some sort of spring loaded punch thing, but said that if it wouldn't break down he would recommend having a doctor check it. Stupid dog has just started her season, perfect timing for the long nights
  13. Frontline Pump Spray

    Had noticed frontline didn't seem to be doing much now and have gone to daily flea combing, occasional bath and plenty of hoovering and keep washing the vet bed, but only have the one dog to do.
  14. Footwear As In Socks

    Army gore tex boot liners http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRITISH-ARMY-SURPLUS-BLACK-MVP-BOOT-LINERS-G1-SMALL-TO-XL-GORE-TEX-STYLE-FABRIC-/192222046746?var=&hash=item2cc153aa1a:m:moc6jziJm8FgKvNxDi9XgBA with normal socks work with wellies. The sweat condenses between the boot liners and wellies, so there is a bit of a squelchy sensation, but your feet stay dry and warm.
  15. Re-Call Help To Saluki Owners

    Starting to get trouble with mine losing one and heading off to find another instead of coming back. When she was younger, she really didn't like running out from me for too long, but that's starting to change at 2 years. It's a worry because it's never far from a major road in my local area. Otherwise she is eager to please and has decent obedience, but not sure what I can do when she is out of sight and quite probably can't hear my whistle. (x not a pure)