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  1. Where are the general public best off buying venison? Don't have the time / inclination to be hunting them myself but would like the occasional munty for the freezer.
  2. Lump On Leg

    Thanks FD, I think it'll be ok. The lump hasn't changed, so not too worried about it. Strangely enough, I had a similar lump to the side of my spine that the chiropractor spotted. He broke it down with some sort of spring loaded punch thing, but said that if it wouldn't break down he would recommend having a doctor check it. Stupid dog has just started her season, perfect timing for the long nights
  3. Frontline Pump Spray

    Had noticed frontline didn't seem to be doing much now and have gone to daily flea combing, occasional bath and plenty of hoovering and keep washing the vet bed, but only have the one dog to do.
  4. Footwear As In Socks

    Army gore tex boot liners http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRITISH-ARMY-SURPLUS-BLACK-MVP-BOOT-LINERS-G1-SMALL-TO-XL-GORE-TEX-STYLE-FABRIC-/192222046746?var=&hash=item2cc153aa1a:m:moc6jziJm8FgKvNxDi9XgBA with normal socks work with wellies. The sweat condenses between the boot liners and wellies, so there is a bit of a squelchy sensation, but your feet stay dry and warm.
  5. Re-Call Help To Saluki Owners

    Starting to get trouble with mine losing one and heading off to find another instead of coming back. When she was younger, she really didn't like running out from me for too long, but that's starting to change at 2 years. It's a worry because it's never far from a major road in my local area. Otherwise she is eager to please and has decent obedience, but not sure what I can do when she is out of sight and quite probably can't hear my whistle. (x not a pure)
  6. Lump On Leg

    It's firmly fixed, it's difficult to tell what it's fixed to. There's not room to get my fingers around it to tell if it's fixed to bone, muscle etc. Do you think it needs checking? Doesn't seem to be giving her any trouble. My local vets are going to be hopeless for this type of thing. So far as I'm aware, the nearest recognised sighthound vet is Daniel Doherty which would be a fair old round trip.
  7. Lump On Leg

    Anyone had anything similar? About the size of a baked bean, just above the stifle. It feels fixed rather than floating around. I'm not too worried about it in the sense that it isn't getting any bigger. I had an animal chiropractor check it, she said it is possibly a hernia but couldn't be 100% and it isn't causing any type of movement problem. There's no sign of blackthorn or other foreign bodies, the skin in the area is unblemished. The dog is a healthy 2 year old saluki type bitch.
  8. Time Off Hunting

    Been a month now since harvest started and I've had the lamp sat on the shelf and a young bitch with plenty of potential and ready to start, but haven't once felt like going out at night The changes from pasture to arable in my locality have made daytime trickier now as well, having gone from loads of small fields and hedgerows, it's huge fields surrounded by busy roads now. A mate has been trying to give me ferrets, but I don't really want to take on any livestock, maybe see how we get on borrowing some. The dog has a good life, but I feel guilty for not getting her doing what she's made for. Guess I'm getting older and losing the drive to head out again once work and chores are done.
  9. tug training

    Used tug training with mine. She's a saluki type that retrieves well and very soft mouthed. She doesn't get as carried away with tugging as one with plenty of terrier blood might, but enjoys it and at two years of age, still brings me bits of carpet when she wants to play. As above, teach 'give' first and would add to hold the tug toy low if you don't want the dog to jump up at people when excited.
  10. For Sale.. Handmade Knives

    I've been using an oil stone followed by 2000 grit wet & dry (with oil) to get a sharp edge. We did mum's kitchen knives this way and she cut the bristles off the washing up brush by accident
  11. Dog Lost.............stay Lost

    I messaged doe about this earlier. I would second what beast said about their good reputation and hard work reuniting dogs and owners and give Dog Lost the benefit of the doubt here.
  12. Doberman

    The labrador on the farm always lets us know when strangers arrive. Her predecessor, although a very different type of labrador did just the same. Not the healthiest looking breed imo, but an easy sort to have around.
  13. Having It All?

    I've got one that is mostly coursing dog with a little collie blood. I got her as an unwanted 5 month old and the first year or so was a bit trying and she wouldn't take much obedience or discipline, I just had to manage things so that she could get out and run whilst trying to minimise the chances of getting hurt. Then something clicked at around 16 months and she started to work with me and although gun dog like obedience is unlikely, she is fairly controllable. I have never used harsher discipline than eye contact and strong tone of voice. She is very driven to find and run game and has a surprisingly good nose. I would echo what was said about coat. Mine has a thin coat, very little fat on her, distance runner's muscle and is likely to chill quickly. As a pet that does a bit type owner, mine is really a bit too much dog for me and the strong hunting drive (much stronger than any of the other lurchers I have owned) can get a bit of a pain when I would sometimes prefer a quiet walk without the drama. Although I wouldn't change her for anything, I probably wouldn't have another of the type.
  14. Philip Hammond - Traitor

    The cabinet has agreed to enter brexit negotiations with objective of betraying brexit voters https://uk.news.yahoo.com/brexit-transition-deal-apos-look-083927990.html London mayor also traitor https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jul/28/labour-can-stop-brexit-but-only-with-fresh-vote-says-sadiq-khan
  15. Log / Multi Fuel Burner

    It's important to get the right size stove for the room. Formula is volume in cubic metres divided by between 10 (poorly insulated) and 25 (modern very well insulated) = kw rating. Shutting a burner down low tends to result in poor combustion which makes a lot of soot. If diy installing, put plenty of thought into how the appliance is going to be swept. If the chimney is not lined, put decent doors in the register plate with room for small buckets underneath to remove the soot when swept - having to remove the appliance to sweep is not the done thing these days it's a gigantic PITA and is difficult to control the soot when sweeping. The HETAS training for installers is not bad and most of them do a good job these days, much better than what was going on 10+ years ago, so worth considering paying to have it done if budget allows. And don't forget carbon monoxide / smoke detector