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  1. On the sick

    Thought thl massive might enjoy this article (read the second half as well you dirty feckers ) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5626723/Police-sergeant-posts-holiday-snaps-taking-seven-months-stress-bosses-probed-conduct.html
  2. show me your collie whippet

    How are those with plenty of collie blood to live with day to day? Can they switch off while you do other things like a sighthound, or are they prone to chewing things they shouldn't and going nuts every time someone walks past the gate?
  3. Radio 4 Saturday

    Or you can ignore the bbc and whatever way they would like to frame the debate and just listen to the speech anytime on youtube and make your own mind up

    Yes, I'd recently registered mine with that surgery on his good reputation, in case I ever needed the skills of a running dog specialist in a hurry. I guess the lure of easy money was too much but it seems a strange thing for a good surgeon with a vast earning potential to do, a big risk for an extra £15k / year. Good to see a puppy farming operation cease trading. Maybe I'm cynical, but the words 'RSPCA investigator' make me ask what the actual facts behind the story are.
  5. Working at height

    I suffered with it for years and know exactly what you are talking about. It would come and go for no apparent reason but being self employed I just had to get on with it. The scaffolders found it particularly hilarious to see me hanging on for dear life on half dismantled scaffold replacing the roof tiles they had just broken. It is to do with how the brain processes information from eyes and ears. I was lucky in going to a new chiropractor who found that one of the vertebrae just below my skull was on the p1ss which he reckoned was constricting blood flow and pinching nerves in the spine. I reckon this was the result of a car crash some years ago. I get it checked every few months and the amount of correction needed is getting less and less. I occasionally get a touch of disorientation at heights but nothing like I used to. Tinnitus and some other health issues have also been substantially reduced. Did some masonry repairs off roof ladders on a church recently that must have been a good 15m up and would have had me in pieces a few years back but was fine.
  6. alabama rot

    (If I understand correctly) Map for cases confirmed by autopsy scroll to the bottom of this page: http://www.vets4pets.com/stop-alabama-rot/
  7. Exercising lurchers during the summer

    Good call on the canals Peter, got plenty around here and haven't used them for a while. Envious of those with beaches and sea nearby, great exercise and I bet salt water keeps skin and coat in good order. We're about as far as you can get from the coast here and water is mostly skanky brooks and reservoirs occupied by easily upset fishermen.
  8. Any tips or advice on exercising the more high drive type lurchers now summer is approaching? My old dogs were less driven, easy enough to just take for a walk somewhere quiet and not much bother. This one (saluki type) will end up a mile away and hunting on given half a chance. I'm going to try biking to burn a bit of energy off, do some work on reinforcing 'stop' and recall and obviously try to avoid game rich areas. Her obedience is not too bad, but it is constant 'stay in.. stay in' to keep her in close and only a moments distraction before she is gone out of sight.
  9. 3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    I had one off him that was nearly 6 months old I think in 2002. I think he got a stay of execution because he was a real character even with the minimal socialisation and what they charged wouldn't have covered costs (yes I am the soppy tw@t who falls for the sob stories). The dog was a doddle to train, if somewhat excitable, but sadly he turned out to have a genetic hip fault and Hancock admitted there were others with the same problem (he offered money back / free pup). With the help of a rescue I managed to find him a less active home. Someone up thread was asking about 1/4 beardie crosses, my mate had one that he got at the same time. She was a nice dog and caught a bit over the years despite carrying a badly healed hip injury for most of her life. She just kept on going and I remember going ferreting with her a few days before she died when she must have been going on 15. She did occasionally do odd things when younger, but generally a laid back and even tempered type. Being older and wiser I wouldn't go there again mainly because I am not comfortable with the lives their breeding stock must live. Maybe their collies might get occasional exercise, but find it difficult to believe with that many dogs that their greyhounds ever leave their pens. Would rather take my chances with a home bred or rescue one. The one I have now was an unwanted pup off pets4homes and is several leagues above the 2 hancocks I knew well in terms of ability in the field. Don't know why Hancocks don't sell up, being in such an exclusive area that site must be worth a fortune for housing.
  10. We can all sleep soundly now

    This group have form for struggling with maths. They made rather inaccurate claims about 'hundreds of thouands' of right wing twitter trolls celebrating Jo Cox's death which was debunked by an economist article. Their chief exec Nick Lowles is ex antifa / red action / editor of far left magazine 'Searchlight'. More divisive politics intended to fragment and weaken society...
  11. whats the best food for lurchers

    I've had trouble getting tripe from my local place. They said people are now buying as much as they can to sell on and it goes straight away. It's doubled in price in the last year or so. Annoying because it is good quality and a nice chunky mince. They reckoned a woman had bought £1000 worth of tripe the week before! Shame about binning that breast of lamb, paying £2.80 / kg here.
  12. I miss the old days

    Had a look on youtube, Meeri must have taken down all his videos That's it, SJM was in Scotland. As I remember she was a bit of a looker and tended to fly off the handle, so I would guess it got emotional with the thl pervs. So was it the Stiffmeister with the red filter ? We take the ability to take decent quality video and put it on a hosting site for granted now, but it was an amazing thing 10 years ago.
  13. I miss the old days

    The videos from around the time digital cameras started to take off stick in my mind. There was that guy with a camera taped to his lamp that always used a red filter that went 'bok' when he lifted it to go on full beam as the dog took off. Meerihunter did some good videos with his salukis. SJM was another of the early videographers, unusually shooting daytime rabbits and fetching them with her collie lurchers, wasn't there some thl controversy around her?
  14. Jeremy to buy 8000 houses ! !

    For most people, that's the problem. Housing is too feckin expensive and until mortgage lending returns to 3 times one worker's income and interest rates return to the historic norm of around 5% it will remain that way. Homelessness is much more complicated issue than 'just give them a house' and sadly is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. It's a political stunt for the media circus and will be forgotten by next week. Ignore the politician, he is almost certainly lying.
  15. Saluki psychology

    I struggled with my sal / collie / grey lurcher to start with (probably because it had been a long time since I last did any training) but found I could shape her behaviour to an extent by working with what makes her feel good / get a run. Out in the fields, her retrieve and recall is ok, but because she tends to work out at such a distance (which I believe is a saluki thing) I am just along for the ride and can't see what she is doing a lot of the time. Thankfully she seems to have a reasonable sense of self preservation and doesn't want to be anywhere near sheep thanks to some good advice I was given about working with her particular character traits, but I do worry that she will end up getting hit by a car or injured and unable to find her. I like her, but exercising such a strong instinct to run and hunt can be a bit much at times in our overcrowded countryside. I took my mates whippety types out for him the other day and they were so much easier to handle, but didn't have anything of the talent for finding game or that effortless flowing movement that just floats over the ground.