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  1. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Dont have the book mate .He' was mentioned in the ped I got from Wheeler but no further back and I'd just like to know a bit more if the infos out there .
  2. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Do you recall a dog named Davey or Black Davey in either ped mate .pm if preder .
  3. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    The generation we now like to name terrier types as, ie Wheeler ,Nuttal definitely put the bull in and one can only surmise to improve something lacking inherited from the the two supposed founders . As for blacks throwing other colors ,in 35 years ive never seen anything but black with a small white blaze occasionally but then again nothing else has gone in .Those that say their line throws whites etc to my mind do so because of infusion or because someone hasn' told the truth concerning lineage .Makes no odds just saying .Nobody else I know or respect has thrown a color either .Strange that aint it .
  4. Big Cat Spotters etc .

    Talking a good yarn is equally as numbing with no backup to speak of .Why don't we let it lie until a pic is available ,time stamped ,taken in UK, then we will listen .Bollocks from either side from where I'm sitting with no forward momentom . If they are out there mate ,your the kiddy to find it so relax ,chill and go find one .
  5. Wonder if a raghead would rather his throat cut whilst stunned or not. Makes no odds to me mind.
  6. We never exoected the c**ts to stay this long
  7. New forum set up,quick question

  8. Dumb down for kids?

    Its' not compulsory to watch the f***ing thing mind ,get them out where the education begins and ends .
  9. Signed with pleasure, f***ing raghead scum
  10. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Glad I'm not the only sceptic Rob .
  11. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    Falling out with folk is life ,having nothing to show for years of messing about is another thing entirely.You crack on mate ,what you get up to is no concern of mine .I admire your thriving for the best but im at a loss why you havnt yet found something to make your own..Many men waste their whole lives flitting from this and that never really knowing what they've had and neglected .
  12. Mink diving on a small fish

    Lol the posts been edited mate
  13. For the record ,ANY dog can bloodtrail .There is no mystery to it whatsoever.
  14. Lump On Leg

    Good to see all's well bud .
  15. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    You have taken my post way out of context mate .The bitch was just off her food for a while so i took her down to the vets who ,after a few tests said she had lepto spirosis which is treatable .I wasn' convinced as she's ratted all her life with not problems .As vets do ,they filled her with antibiotics but she went down hill fast .I took her back and it was myself who said enough is enough and had her pts there and then when the vet suggested another course of pills .It was my own diagnoses that she had cancer which the vet finally agreed with .Any clearer Shaun . As an observation mate ,if you'e got nothing worth breeding off from the years you'e been at it what the f**k you been playing at .