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  1. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    There's a pic of Buck holding the dog in Plummer's Fell Terrier.
  2. tale's of the gypsy/poacher

    A lot of old tales of dogs are told in pubs. Say no more.
  3. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Yeah I see what you mean. But I still think the black dogs all come from the same small gene pool. What's the chances that different groups of men were producing blacks in different parts of the country at near enough exactly the same time?
  4. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    But from what we read, Buck and Breay are the only ones mentioned. That must count for something?
  5. Pups

  6. Difficulty typing??

    Is anyone struggling with trying to type responses on here? Almost everytime I try to write something the letters freeze as I'm trying to type. Annoying as f*ck!
  7. Pups

    Are they the same way bred AT? Dog on the right is similar looking to my eldest dog .
  8. Concrete Slab

    Nice job Mark. Very spacious.
  9. Breeding At 8 Years Old.

    What stamp/ size is he making now Dilly?
  10. Concrete Slab

    I thought kennels at first but then thought a dog would demolish all that wood in no time!
  11. Concrete Slab

    Impressive Sliplead. But what is it?
  12. Christmas Adverts

    Here here, well said Walshie
  13. Christmas Adverts

    Fair point
  14. Christmas Adverts

    I'm sceptical on that last quote tbh. If they see it regular it can't help. Surely?
  15. Christmas Adverts

    I know what you're saying Accip. I don't watch tv full stop never mind soaps (according to our lass I'm not normal!). But our children are having it rubbed in their faces every time they turn on the tv.