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  1. Mad night

    I'm pretty sure I heard on the news the body they found was a fella that went missing a couple of months ago?
  2. Old trap ( gin trap )

    Thanks for that advice Womble. I just plan to get them looking nice, spray them black and hang them up as ornaments or whatever.
  3. Old trap ( gin trap )

    I have a couple of old traps the same as that one, and likewise they're covered in rust. Does anyone know the best way to get it off?

    Yes I know what you mean, thanks for the reply
  5. Breeding Line of Working Mink

    Good luck and I hope you get the results you are after
  6. Joey Barton

    Man is a wanker, thinks he was a better player than he was, and slates current players that are much better than he was. Thinks he's some sort of hard man too, wouldn't last 2 minutes in the real world.

    How long have you kept the same blood Apache? And what blood does it start from? It seems to have stood you in good stead.
  8. R.I.P Sergeant Hartman

    It's a great film and then goes totally shite once they finish their training, in fact I don't think I've ever watched it to the end.
  9. Butcher block.

    Fantastic job that
  10. Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    I've had a few dreams and then a few weeks or months later it happens in real life, puts the shits right up me.
  11. went to toon match today

    Great result today for us, Rafa has worked miracles!

    Bitch pup stripped out and starting to take shape.
  13. New Artifical

    Bed and Job Done!
  14. WW3

    I think Trump is just flexing his muscles, we were saying the same thing about North Korea a month ago and they soon backed down. Russia are alone and have the US and all of Europe against them so they wouldn't have a chance (I hope). The only worrying thing is if a US missile kills a Russian soldier then they might havto retaliate.