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  1. Netflix recommendation

    Donnie Brasco is good, The Road has just been added on there, that's a good film too. Making a Murderer, Fahrenheit 911, Cowspiracy etc. Plenty of gems on there, it's just sifting through the shit to find them.
  2. Fell and moorland

    Like Neil said I think it will be a rare plate, however it's easy enough for people to say it's worth hundreds of pounds BUT finding someone that will pay that money is a different ballgame.

    That young dog is easy on the eye Womble
  4. Couple pics of the dogs

    Bottom one looks like he means business.
  5. Sharptooth fork

    And last a lifetime.
  6. Advice on Food

    Dog looks in fine shape to me.
  7. Colin Didriksen

    Fell Terrier is without doubt his greatest book. Shame Gould, Brightmore, Stacey etc weren't included mind.
  8. Fast ground

    The most difficult place we used to find to catch rabbits on the lamp was golf courses, they were like shit off a stick!
  9. Can’t make it out

    It's a strange one Marshman and surely one that nobody really knows the answer to. This little tale has reminded me of something my original 'mentor' once said to me. I had a first season terrier that really started well, he was going great and I ended up going on invites with lads to big old earths with a reputation about them, such was my belief in the young dog, and he always got the result. Anyway I remember being out one day digging and we were talking about an earth that goes to 12/13 foot deep, and this 'older lad' said I'd be able to dig it with my young dog, I said he must be joking, and he said young dogs that start so well are so full of confidence that they put in that extra effort and excel at work and it mellows as they get older?? It totally baffled me(and still does) but sounds similar to your cousin's dog?
  10. Colin Didriksen

    I think Didriksen's writing style isn't too bad, however I think there's a few untruthful tales in his first book. Also, sure I read on here a few years back the he had someone over with dogs or something a few years back.( F Stacey I think it was)
  11. So who had the first of 2018 ????????

    F*ck, that was well worth it!
  12. So who had the first of 2018 ????????

    Never mind all this lark, I won with first fox, so what do I win Neil?

    He's a nice dog Shane, looks short but strong with it, good head too.
  14. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Is the white dog a Russell or a white Patterdale DC?
  15. So who had the first of 2018 ????????

    Had this one for just after 9am, it was more of a pleasure to be out on a New Years day without the hangover