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  1. dave platts' saracen

    Don't bother mate...thanks.
  2. dave platts' saracen

    Sounds like an interesting dog. .Tell me more please old chap... PM if you prefer. . . . My old bitch is starting to swell slightly and I'm starting to think its now or never really.
  3. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    I know that matey.. I meant I didn't want to start an argument with everyone else on the merits of working ferrets. Its horses for courses all over the country and on different land people use different ferrets. I will add that we use our hobs everywhere on any type of ground also..We do hedgerows down south and local and I do paid pest control regularly.They go down and hunt bunny wherever it may be.On any type of ground.My theory is they go at it with such tenaciousness and ferocity that the bunnies bolt out of sheer fear at the onslaught. Anyway, lads, I feel we have Highjacked this thread.. has anyone got a spare Jill for the man ?
  4. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    we have hobs like that mate... 30 seconds some days. I stick markers all over and when he's finished evacuating or killing I dig the dead out.. Sometimes you wouldn't know if you weren't following them about with the locator because it happens so fast and often without a noise from the bunny.
  5. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    I don't want to start a ferret war etc..but we found that unless it was a very very good strong jill, it would struggle to hold a big buck rabbit down below and before you had dug a couple of foot down to it etc,there would be movement from mr bunny and then another hole would have to be dug to retrieve the bunny..This could happen a few times a day with smaller Jills and small hobs also. Then there's the factor that even when they're great jills etc , on a busy day down below ground by dinnertime they are asleep in the box and ready for bed. In contrast to the hobs still scratching away to get out of the box and go. I like to have a good strong hob that can hunt his prey down and bolt it or kill it with no messing about.If the bunny hasn't bolted in a couple of minutes, I get the disco carrot out and have a look where he is..if he,s stopped for more than 30 seconds he is probably killing something or has it balled up a stop end, Sometimes it happens so fast that the spade is constantly on standby.Fortunately, most of our permissions are high up on the tops and the warrens, for the most part, are not very deep. I've had some great working jills but 2-3 good jills would struggle to keep up with 1 of my hobs...I've tried them all in past few seasons...all shapes and sizes and for what type of ground I work the hobs suit perfectly.
  6. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    He did mate..I gave him a couple of kits from Kens Jill..the Jill Ken gave to me. etc etc. But not from my Hob etc
  7. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    No mate not from my best hob ever..they're from Sock's line of southern albinos.. very good jill they came from that is still shifting them for Rew and Nottshunter.. we stopped using jills a couple of seasons ago for up on the dales.
  8. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    All 3 Hobs went down locked on and stayed on mate..straight out of box and onto a bunny in seconds.Each one had his solo moment to assess the team..One of them is looking like his old daddy. They all hunt, kill and stay.One of them is a very determined proficient hunter and killer. I'm looking forward to seeing how they all develop over the season. The Jill we used from your pack was very similar to the one Ken used the year before in size shape etc and the kits are very similar in size and shape too. We all need to pool our resources next year to keep a line going between us all. My old hob is being kept for special occasions these days..He went a bit funny at beginning of season( shag happy ).But he was back on form last week when he was showing off to his sons...lol.
  9. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    you should know matey...You've got some Hybrids yourself..Tomo still has the Hob from your Jill and my Hob... He's a beast ! But that's obviously down to the Northern Hardness... None of that soft southern roots has rubbed off..lol I had one half a foot down the other day mate..just moved the grass and lifted it out...heheee
  10. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    Just done a 480 mile round trip to pick up some hobs bred last year, off my own hob and a mates good jill. I can tell you all one thing for sure.... The best ferrets are born and bred in Yorkshire !
  11. Couple days on the moors

    nice chest on that dog..is it a dog or bitch Davey ? is it a useful dog?
  12. Eyup mate.. I don't wear the Barbour for ferreting... it's for posing in the pub...very trendy you know! I'm with you on the workwear etc.. I've given up on the expensive brands a long time ago. None of them do what they promise. I buy cheap waterproofs and wear them over top of decent gear etc. 2 pairs of trousers last year..= £40. the second pair still going strong...lol Only decent money I would spend these days is on good footwear.
  13. I did this and it worked !!!! it actually smells too nice now...lol.. I smell like a whores drawers.. but that's got to be an improvement on smelling like a rotten carcass. Belucky...you're a star mate. ! thanks !
  14. Sheet Netting Nylon 10-12Oz

    Anyone had any off this fella ? I would like to get in touch with him.. But my ebay account has been suspended for trying to give a buyer my telephone number last week. If anyone has his contact details please give me a PM .
  15. Some Fun Today

    nice one matey... love it. I was out yesterday and it was a glorious day.. 4 warrens and 76 bunnies . But the best bit was watching a gentleman fly fishing for salmon while I was ferreting.He caught and landed a beautiful 12 pounder whilst we watched him over a 10 min battle. Special moments we are privileged to be part of sometimes.. The fella was shaking with adrenalin afterwards and buzzing on a natural high. I managed to video it for him and he was overjoyed when we offered to take him a pic with his own phone etc. Unfortunately, the day was slightly spoiled by one of my hobs deciding to retire himself. . . Funny game this ferreting. . . slightly gutted as I only had the 2 hobs. atb Vin