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  1. Re-Call Help To Saluki Owners

    ive got to admit the advice skycat gave makes sence ive had a good few and they are the most single minded head strong animals i had most from pups but they all get to an age and forget every thing you learnt them but you gota luv em
  2. Dog Whistle

    thank you for your time and help jok and david
  3. Dog Whistle

    im looking for a dog whistle what type do i need when i was younger i had the silent type im wanting to train a young cocker
  4. Reeces Billy Lines

    i had a bitch out of billy the second litter reece ever bred himself in 2003 she could kill hares day and night and mastive was never mentioned as it has been said he didnt know the breeding if you want to find him he will be at highgate fur n feather sat morning
  5. we used to get it from a local chemist who used to make it up as a white cream but stopped when he could not sorce all ingredients
  6. Spaniel/ Gundog Lurchers

    There was an artical in the edrd about coarsing and one of the lees had a first cross spanial greyhound that could nail day time hares in the 70is a local man used to have a spanial whippet that used to catch hares on the sides of the local pit stacks by hunting the sents then getting faster the nearer and the stronger the sent got so hitting the squatting hare at a good pace filling the pot again
  7. What A Waste Of Hares !!!

    i know of a large shooting ground in north yorkshire where they have two hare drives per year and always have but in the last 8 years to my knolage they have shot in excess of 900 hares per drive the keepers also rifle about 40 per week when the fields are short the land is very flinty so not alot of lads go on
  8. Invisible Pups

    they are on mince lamb pork beef also sainsbury cat sachas and cowngate babys milk
  9. pics of the pups for the lads who wanted to see them. 5 week old on Wednesday
  10. Picks of pups for the lads who wanted to see them they are five weeks old Wednesday
  11. sounds like a good mix what type of whippet ped or non
  12. Bedlington Whippet Greyhound

    cheers cock i have a beddy grahound x whippet grayhound that i bred she is 20 months old and coming on well but not for sale good look with the one you settle on
  13. Bedlington Whippet Greyhound

    all right cock theres a beddy whippet grayhound 6months old on dragon driving
  14. Fastest Lurcher.

    i have a bitch out ov freddy homes charlie x whippet x grew good bitch but some times too fast for her own good
  15. Lurcher Bitch

    doncaster int that bad ive been to devils island end of becket road full of good lads but dont rob this lads post let him sell his dog