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  1. Tuned lgu

    Not to worry buddy,it will happen one day? at least I got to meet the other half of your love relationship (Si Brown 😜😜😜)
  2. Tuned lgu

    Hi guys However I am currently starting a review of a Tony Leach 22mm skirtless piston conversion,on my AATXHC .177. this will not be on VHTV,but on my other channel/Facebook profile plus the option to share it. it saddens me when for a simple fee to register,the airgun community loose out on knowing about these shed tuners,because if it wasn’t for RFD gunsmiths and shed tuners doing there R&D most of us would still be shooting untuned rifles,unless you know hands on and own a lathe. in my opinion the LGU is good out of the box,apart from the trigger mechanism,which I found had a lot of creep and you could hear the springs moving ( not good ) John has sorted this and also given it a stage 1 tune,which it shoots a lot better as do there other out of box tunes. walther have definitely got the LGU/LGV right ,and is a contender against the AA & HW,but as it has been mentioned it’s all down to personal preference.all just as accurate in the right hands.
  3. Tuned lgu

    Hi VM if they are registered RFD ,then I have no problem with it. its one of the conditions Si & myself decided,when we started reviews on rifles.sadly most of the shed tuners are not RFD registered so we won’t be putting it on VHTV,
  4. View from the window!!

    Poor thing,the last thing it saw. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  5. Did you pick up any bargains?
  6. Need A Little Help Lads

    For future reference Mac,just cut a drill bit down buddy,works a treat .
  7. Miles Johannesburg,moxy think you will all remember his shannanigangs.
  8. He's replied on his VHTV gay book group mate if your part of that... Your only gay ,if you push back Rez
  9. Some Of The Tx Bling Came Today

    looking good Mac,all you need now is a rowen butt pad.
  10. Bought Another Fwb Sport Today !!!

    Very nice! I never seem to find a bargain,well done and a nice pair you will have πŸ‘
  11. Woody Lovely

    Very nice Si,nom nom
  12. Accuracy Complete, I Wasn`t Doing My Bit.

    Nice to hear you have reconnected,with your FWB Onwards and upwards!
  13. Wildcat Testing

    Glad you got it sorted,it will group under a 5p with out a modification,I shot a group earlier in the year with a friends wild cat and it was probably half the size of a 5p at 35yds using JSB Exacts heavys,10.34gr. So the accuracy is definately there straight out of the box,if you clean the barrel first and fine the correct pellet for it. I can't show the pic of me phone,as its bigger than 500KB what the page Will allow. Nice rifles to shoot to.
  14. My Air Arms Tx200 Build

    Slut point for that
  15. My Air Arms Tx200 Build

    the banter is still good guys Have a good new year guys!