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    Gundogs (Spaniels), Shooting and anything country related that I can get into.
  1. I have been fortunate enough to beat on some very big shoots days & the dogs have been the usual mix of spaniels & labs. However when it came to areas we knew to be be holding hundreds of birds in a tiny area the best dog was the terriers used by one of the lads. These were dogs used on several of the local hunts so they had no interest in any of the birds and just pottered about gently bumb flushing a few birds at a time.....perfect. Some of them did go a bit AWOL if we came across ground game
  2. Bbc Panorama Tonight About Rspca

    The original aims of the RSPCA were noble enough but this has become lost, partly due to changes in the public perception of what purpose animals serve. The fact they have become political doesn't even bother me, that is up to its members but the fact they are allowed to retain charitable status is beyond a joke.
  3. Pups

    Nice thread. Great to read some honest assessments of people own dogs.
  4. Gwp Stud Recomendations

    Kimmax GWPs
  5. Buccleuch Springer

    When I enquired about a cocker a few years back they were no dearer that other dogs out of similar breeding (which compared to how the terrier lads operate is still toooooooo dear) & I say that as someone who buys / sells at that same price.
  6. Buccleuch Springer

    No probs JOK. You will indeed know then that Opie is convinced people on the internet know more about him than he does ;-) Though if I could have anything it would be the Buccleuch kennel blocks
  7. Buccleuch Springer

    Not sure how much mis-information you can put in 1 post but good effort. Is Ian Openshaw the best recent breeder of any type of spaniels? I think even Ian would perhaps state not, he is however the most successful trainer of dogs out there. "This guy" I assume you are referring to is Davie Lissett? Davie doesn't own the Buccleuch Affix, the Duke does. Davie is a brilliant trainer & one of the nicest blokes you could meet so not sure why you feel the need to slag him off? Would I pay more for a Buccleuch pup rather than one out the magazines? That completely depends on the breeding of the pups just as you will pay a premium for a pup from one of the dogs Opie has made up to FTCH.
  8. Gunog Training Clubs

    What type of dog is it? If a spaniel what sort of hunting do you think you'll be doing at the club?
  9. Training

    No The problem with a dog that lives indoors is people. The temptation to tell it off, kids to play tug with it, confuse the dog are all OUR problems not the dogs.
  10. Third Party Insurance..

    Join one of the Sporting Bodies. SACS, BASC etc
  11. Hi Hily I've seen it used for pigs / cattle & chickens so should be ok for ducks, especially wild ducks as they will be getting other types of food elsewhere. Is it coming dried as the wet stuff tends to go off very quickly.
  12. Putting Duck In The Air

    Really not a big fan of ducks on a pond. Totally get why shoots do it, but it tends to end up with tame ducks flying around the pond in circles waiting to land. Have seen some mass slaughter on the ducks & it needs a bit of common sense from the guns to leave alone when they have had enough.
  13. Fur Dummy

    Far too young. When you restart with the fur dummy you do not need to go all in. A strip of fur around the middle of the dummy is good for getting them started.
  14. Puppy Food

    As dry food goes I've never seen pups do better than when on this, bloody expensive though. Both HPRs I have had came to me on Eukanuba Puppy, their muscle definition was outstanding & this lasted throughout their lives. Whilst RAW is great diet the vast majority of new owners will not want to go down that route & its far easier to hand then over with a bag of dry.
  15. Countryside Alliance

    Can you really blame the Countryside Alliance? Look at the French Hunting thread to see people who work terriers give the boy stick because its not "their" type of hunting. You either support the use of dogs or you don't. So called terrier men abusing a man doing a legitimate sport are worse than any Anti's in my opinion.