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  1. Rugar 1022

    looking to get one any out there for sale? gloucestershire
  2. Night Vision Set Up

    iv bought a ns 200 mate just looking at thermal spoting scopes now really pleased with the set up so far
  3. Frequently Asked Questions & Scenarios

    had a 22 rim fire for 25 years and want to upgrade to a more modern one! can i buy another off my mate without a variation as there both the same caliber just different makes? cheers
  4. Robert Hardy Rip

    great actor still watch it now and enjoy it rip
  5. Night Vision Set Up

    looking to buy a night vision set up for my 243, looking on ebay there is loads of stuff but the price differs so i just need some advice as im completly new to this type of shooting? chris
  6. Omega By Brian Plumber

    good lad ben! thanks for the reply happy reading mate
  7. Omega By Brian Plumber

  8. Omega By Brian Plumber

    In good condition £12 including postage paypal only cheers
  9. Cats

    Its took me two years to get some gold finches to start on my feeders + bull finches and an a mixture of other birds, a fukin cat just ran off with one spiteful bxxstrd, far to many around here
  10. Well Bred Gsd Forsale

    going to bump this for you mate thats not alot of money for a good well bred dog like that, good luck with the sale
  11. Rip Ginger French

    new him well! good old fellow rip ginge
  12. Tanning

    ok this is where i am now! all the skins have been soaked in alum and salt for 48 hours, iv hung them out to dry (god knows what next door are thinking) the skin feels really grippy if that makes sense! the fur seems a bit loose as in it pulls out quite easy but il give them a good brush when there dry, fingers crossed they should be ok il keep you posted
  13. Tanning

    thankyou for the information everyone
  14. Tanning

    thank you both! il get some pictures up shortly and see how there going thanks again
  15. Tanning

    yes mate as much as i could they have been in the shed salted for about 2 months so salted them again today, weather isnt dry enough really but thought ide give it a go.