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  1. First Proper Time Out

    Your not wrong Leslie spent a fortune but think if got what I need could do with a darker net for hide tho lol
  2. First Proper Time Out

    Been out a few times since David but only ones and twos mate
  3. Just got my license through and had my first proper time out Thoroughly enjoyed it iv got the bug
  4. Ordered a lamp off DLloyd Saturday 10 pm said he would post Monday morning true to his word it arrived at 845 this morning how's that for service as well as answering all my annoying questions thanks again mate
  5. They look spot on bout time somebody done this all the best lads
  6. Show Us Your Pups

    Nice pup digging deep
  7. Show Us Your Pups

    My pup collie greyhound 15 weeks
  8. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    My spaniel just 5 month in pictures
  9. Check Out The New Model

    Asked for one of these lamps late yesterday morning received today how's that for service thanks again D Lloyd
  10. Looking To Swap

    Did you find the book mate
  11. Be nice to see how they turn out should be handy dogs