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  1. Ha'way Coleman

    Massive massive club Pesky English Sleeping Giant. Coleman has his work cut out tonight mind with 6 first team players on the treatment table. Hoy the youngens in ' fook the overpaid prima donnas I say . Haway the Lad's pass it like a STD
  2. Ha'way Coleman

    Haway Chrisy Coleman bonny lad. Awaken the Sleeping Giant of English Football. Got a good feeling about this bloke unlike that Dour fooker that took us down.
  3. Another side to Muslims.

    Max Respect to those lads and lasses 80-100 year ago. Totaly different era nowadays and def a different mindset. Play the game in process.
  4. This one punched me right in the gut

    A very sad situation. Fairplay to the Bairns parents for dealing with it head on as as Brave as they are. Im not sure I could . RespectπŸ‘
  5. A lesson from Poland

    Scothunter your not seeing the woods for the trees mate. They not trying to change a country's culture or history. They not playing the poor me race card. They have the same values as we do. Probably more so ' they prob have the same Nationalistic mind set of our men and women of 100 years ago.
  6. Lest we forget

    Iv Just attended the First Memorial Service at the little village I grew up in that's just obtained a new memorial. It was nice to see a cracking turn out. All those Men were Remembered. πŸ‘
  7. Boxing At The Weekend...

    So because A boxer has more longevity you let him win lol You score the fight that's in progress not one that might be in the future lol
  8. Boxing At The Weekend...

    We'l agree to disagree The points deductions were a farce . The ref made sure Foot could not get in close and apply the pressure. Foot scored the more telling shots and the ex boxers ringside still had Foot the Winner by a point even with his two point deduction. A Farce really.
  9. A lesson from Poland

    There have been tens of thousands Marching under the Football Lad's United slogan of late. Just main stream media won't mention it.
  10. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Glen Foot was blatantly robbed . Even with the two points deducted he was still the winner. Imo the points getting deducted to start with was a farce. Leather bleating onto the ref at every opportunity over nothing. The ref seemed to be totally against Foot. Leather always hitting begging the head and never getting warned at all. Boxing ' still as corrupt as ever 😩
  11. Lest we forget

    Our generation don't know they born for the best part.
  12. Lest we forget

    Your not wrong' a little village up here eventually had a opening of a new long overdue War Memorial. Out of a population of around 2k 46 men lost their lives in WW1 That must of been nai on the full generation of Men. Then another 5 In WW2
  13. Lest we forget

    Eye ' Least We Forget. Iv a Great Grandfather lay somewhere around Gully Ravine ' Gallipoli . Walked from Wingate to Newcastle at 41 years old to volenteer with two young lads of 18 and 19 from a neighbouring village of Wheatley Hill for the DLI. When they got there they were told they had enough men that month and to come back. They were that keen they walked back the 20-25 miles or so to another Neighbouring village of Deaf Hill where they heard the Royal Dublin Fusileers were recruiting. They enlisted and were sent to Torquey where they set sail for the Dardanelles on the Clyde. When they got there it was Saving Private Ryan stuff to make the beach off the ship. This was early April . My GG lasted till June 29th 1915 where he was killed at Gully Ravine in some of the fiercest fighting of Gallipoli. It was hand to hand fixed Bayonets The Dublin Fusileer's were decimated as were the Royal Munsters. So much so they had to amalgamate as the Dubsters. Out of 3011 brave men I think 11 Survived and I think it was 8-12k Turks they took with them so they obviously fought like Lions. One of the young men who walked to Newcastle and back to enlist with my GG had just been married. He was also lost' his young wife never re married and lived all her life in Wheatley Hill dying a old woman in the 1990's My GG left a wife and very young kids. His brother'my Great Uncle was killed at Flanders I believe. We had many others from both sides of the family serve in the Second World War . And more recent a lad from our village fought as a 18 year old Marine in the Falklands. Probably the last conflict where war fare was strait ' men against men and not the cowardly type of war fare we used to in modern times. A real nice unassuming bloke he is too. Im Proud and Greatfull to them all and every soldier that's served. RIP to all the Fallen. God Bless them all.
  14. The Detectorists

    Yeah it's canny aint it Lance πŸ‘…
  15. The Detectorists

    Started weds night gone πŸ‘