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  1. Stan

    . You from the north of Glasgow bendrover?
  2. Hunting Game

    brings back good memory's that does...... Summer nights at the bridge bats and bricks mon then boys!!!!
  3. Pieps Box

    Feck trying to dig anything outa deep snow with that thing looks as if it would be better used as a cheap sledge for the weans
  4. Pieps Box

    Did you find out if that box is with that kit DC? Proper bargain that if it is
  5. Lessons

    especially one called Ahmed.....
  6. Brian Nuttall

    Shovel shy I thought the same from the start of the thread...... Dodgy b*****d
  7. Anyone Want

    You a posso boy mole ?
  8. Mk 1 Nocker Box And Collars

    Iv got a 15ft grey deben box and collar here if your interested bud
  9. View From Your Swim

    Aye an that looks a crackin spot
  10. Big Ben

    It'll be scaffolded in bamboo wait and see
  11. Big Ben

    Never been in Birmingham or Luton in my puff mate and if it's anything like london feck that... Worked with boys from Yorkshire keighley think the place was called and he said its over run bye them....., there was 5 of them and they all wanted to move to scotland
  12. Big Ben

    Nah the midges a hink Scot
  13. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Nice that is Chris u still got your collie bull grey mate
  14. Big Ben

    I was in London at Christmas time hadn't been for a few year...... Walk along the Edgeware road it's like 3rd world country sand niggers in there slippers smoking the hookah outside the coffee shops looking at you as if it's u that don't belong ..... If that spreads north unchecked as it is we're all fooked.....
  15. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Wat way bred Chris ?