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  1. Any One Got One

  2. Any One Got One

    Theres a company making some similar to these now, called Deranged they look the bollocks
  3. Any One Got One

    I have heard some really bad things about them steeds, one chap even had a sticker saying dont buy one on the back! Just poorly built, the paint is also shocking on them Buy a decent 2nd hand ranger or Izuzu or Hilux
  4. Mid Sized Van

    Them dispatches are good vans, or put some seats in the back of a VW Caddy?
  5. Lamp Battery Choices For My Old Blitz

    Your old batteries will of had it mate, Even if they work at all, they wont last any time on a night out. If money no object get one of the new lithium batteries, say a 12v 10amp minimum, there light as a feather and last a good few hrs, expensive at a £200 ish If your on a budget go your local car battery specialist (like manbat) a 12V 17ah sealed battery will do the job for hours just a little bit heavy £30ish Or buy one of the new deben tracer lamps, the battery is a built in lithium and they are a new low energy bulb, i have one there great and light as a feather, complete with charger for £60 ish I got one local. DONT buy a cheap replica, I did and went through 3 before buying a deben one, they look exactly the same but are different inside. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tracer-LED-Sport-Light-Rechargeable-Lamp-/142142127615?epid=1933774847&hash=item211854bdff:g:NnIAAOSwF71Z2302 Thats what ya want off ebay
  6. Jp's Arthur

    Think he went on tour for a bit, Reece in Barnsley had him for a while
  7. Jp's Arthur

    Like a play ground on here, no wonder this site is a shadow of its former self.
  8. Like the look of these boots, any one tried them? http://www.brandecosse.com/product/the-cervo-with-sympatex-lining/ https://www.(!64.56:886/Brandecosse/
  9. Jp's Arthur

    Ohhhh Ive had a Bull x bitch out of this line... called Brock... she was a real good sheep herder... she did 9 in one sitting once. There was no getting it out of her, Cost £750 that day out, in sheep!
  10. Jp's Arthur

    The dog in my profile pic is a descendant from Arthur, hes 10 in march and has been a hella dog. He would retrieve a rabbit live to hand, so long as no other dogs were about. Caught the odd (unlucky!) longear, However he excelled on larger quarry (all within the law) 7 in a night alone. A real gentle giant and a nice dog to have about, except Hes a b*****d with other male dogs. A hard one to replace.
  11. Dr John Gold

    CSJ produce some good biscuits that are reasonable price.
  12. Need Good Stud For My Whippet X Bull Bitch

    Smart mate, Is he out of stan and sallys last ever litter? I used to own his brother if so. Good dog he was too
  13. The Midland Game Fair

    Gona give it a miss this year... bit disappointed last year, overpriced and a bit of a car boot sale really.
  14. Fort William

    Well worth a stop on your way up, just at the top of loch lomond... massive collection of taxidermy https://www.droversinn.co.uk/