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  1. Celtic

    Ireland's shame Scotland burden
  2. Sports Personality Of The Year Awards

    Mo farah.... About as British as the saluki
  3. images of hurling,our great irish sport

    Half way through autobiography of Jackie Tyrrell a warriors code very good read even for someone who has no idea about hurling such as myself amazing mind set the lad has
  4. Big Cat Sighting

    Think that boys a prime contender for the sleaze bags thread
  5. Polycarbonate

    Ubik degreaser and magic spounges use this combination everyday on windows bit of elbow grease and all will be good
  6. Lgbti. 🏳️‍🌈

    I know a teacher at a school up here was telling me they get weekly emails about kids who want to be known as non gender wtf! There even changing disabled toilets for the into non gender beyond me like
  7. Search YouTube for American gangs in there military bgd quite eye opening
  8. Game Of Thrones

    Anyone got a link for episode 7? Last one was epic
  9. Who's Your Hero?

    Ian Smith prime minister for Rhodesia read a couple books very interesting bloke and unfortunately lived to see everything he built and fought for destroyed and he even had the foresight to tell them it would happen, he was turning in his grave before he even hit it sold out by Britain trying to appease the left even back then
  10. Suicide Question ......

    Nearly a year ago friend of mine hung himself he was in and out of hospital for years with psychotic episodes just been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia couldn't handle it the standard of care and support when he went home each time was pathetic in the year leading up to it I never thought he'd do that I thought he'd turned a corner up until then I knew the call could come anytime. He was an extremely troubled young man who I could never see leading a normal life to start I wished he'd of text me in the morning instead of his mum could of been there in 5 mins but now.....now I'm happy knowing his not suffering anymore I've got our memory's together and he has his peace in his circumstances I don't find it selfish at all. Another lad locally two kids and a missus she left him he hung himself his pal got there and cut him down and for want of a better word he's a vegetable for the rest of his life now how do to think his pal feels about that
  11. Dus Anyone Race Pigeons

    Just out of interest Jok I know you used to bide up by me did you keep pigeons then? My dads in the Earlston cup, had a bad last two seasons the two before where good had a few silver awards from the French 500 milers. The smaller national in Scotland had there gold medal race yesterday and lad down at Coldstream only one who's timed in at 9 last night out of 280 birds he'll be bouncing of the walls fair play to him
  12. Huge Fire In London

    Pesky everyone's different if we were all the same it would be bloody boring am just blowing of some steam the way it's coming across from the medias shite. If theve cut corners with the cladding someone deserves to hang am all for that but for them to try tell us how we should feel.... I don't feel anything genuinely this doesn't effect me if it was closer to home yeah probably would... would I like it if someone said it if my family or friends were caught up in it obviously not but I'm not narrow minded enough not to realise that someone out there will feel that way.
  13. Huge Fire In London

    Am numb to this sickened watch sky trying to tell me how to feel heartbroken am distraught that they're struggling to even pronounce some of there clearly British names! Not be long until there rioting guaranteed
  14. Huge Fire In London

    Sky news is horrendous mentioned the fact the ash from the fire "has effected people travelling to work" then following another couple sentences "there has been fatalities" backwards if you ask me.
  15. Election Result Predictions............

    Jees didn't think I'd be waking up to this fingers crossed for a slim majority and a coalition with the dup..... Christ this has back fired a bit had it not for her! Proud of Scotland voting Tory, John Lamonts mine now lost last time with 300 votes to the snp hopefully given sturgeon a bloody noses she'll be asking for referendum by 9 o clock mark my words