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  1. Long Netting Hairs

    I think you'll probably find those who are netting hares aren't killing them but moving them
  2. Sunderland Man..........

    Fair play to the guy. Could you have kept your shit together through that?
  3. Amateur Hour!

    Well done dog 😊
  4. Home Brewing

    I was waiting for the first frost to start the sloe gin but might just cheat and throw them in the freezer overnight
  5. If anyone's arranging a trip to a meet I'd but interested.
  6. Home Brewing

    I've just done my first batch of cider. Tastes lovely but it's bloody lethal!
  7. Old Time Ravers Lol

    We all used to laugh at the oldies trying to relive their youth for a night. They'd crash and burn about 4 am when we were just getting going lol. Those oldies were probably younger than I am now and I bet I wouldn't even make it to 4 these days, even if I wanted to! The thought of the next day, even now, still fills me with terror never mind Wednesday. There are still tunes that raise the hair on the back of my neck but I'd not do it now for anything!
  8. A Few Questions On Unit 636 Skok

    If only we had ANY public hunting land here we would have a better idea of what you're asking. All land here is privately owned mores the pity
  9. Old Time Ravers Lol

    Did you survive downsouth?? I remember Charlie C playing but never knew him.
  10. Old Time Ravers Lol

    Got down lydd quite a bit in the mid/laye 90s.A really good mate of mine used to play a lot down there. Who was your mate?
  11. Old Time Ravers Lol

    Did anyone go to the fridge or Lydd watersports in the late 90's - early '00's? They were our places, almost like a family. The after parties were something else, number of times we realised we'd brought a random person all the way back to sussex by accident was unbelievable. Always seemed like a good idea at 6 am, just not so much 12 hours later when they trying to work out how to get home lol
  12. I had a go with soft baits and jig heads this year after a mate showed them to me. I'm totally hooked. Caught roach, perch, chub, pike, bass, wrasse and pollack all on the same set up. I'd like to add mackerel and trout to that lift but no luck yet. I've caught fish I places I'd never have thought to even look before!
  13. Cheap Army Boots

    You won't go far wrong with the goretex haix high liability boots. I wear mine everyday for work and hunting and they are still waterproof a year on. They were £39 off eBay. I've just bought another pair that I'll not wear to work as grinding melted the laces on the other ones.
  14. Stalking Dog Question

    Cheers, I might take you up on that. Keep us updated on your dogs progress, I reckon he'll pick it up pretty easily
  15. Warning

    This thread is interesting. There is an obvious difference between those that do what they do quietly and without bother being aware of the risks and those who act brazen and tough but are surprised when they come unstuck. If I were doing anything in that area I would be heeding the warning and going elsewhere, there are plenty of other places. The last thing I'd be doing is going there on purpose to make some kind of point.